Visit Small Studio in North Olmsted, Ohio, During the Yarn Discovery Tour for Knitting and Crochet Supplies

By Fiona Vernon

Many people from Parma, Ohio, to Elyria, Ohio, love to create things with their hands and become very passionate about the materials, the process, and the finished product. When a person receives a handmade item as a gift, they can be sure that every skilled stitch is filled with love! A variety of handmade items involve the use of yarn, a thread that is made of natural or synthetic fibers and is used for knitting, weaving, and crocheting. Yarn crafts are a passion, and individuals who knit or crochet enjoy being surrounded by others who have the same interests! There are crochet and knitting classes, Facebook groups to mingle with yarn lovers around the world, and a vast array of websites selling yarns and patterns; however, anyone who partakes in the traditional crafts of knitting and crocheting know that there is nothing better than the feel of the yarn and the amazing combination of colors when viewed in person. Small Studio in North Olmsted, Ohio, is a local craft store with affordable arts and crafts supplies that is participating for the first time ever in the Yarn Discovery Tour in September. Anyone in and around Cleveland, Ohio, can visit this local yarn shop in their endless search for knitting and crochet supplies and patterns.

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