Visit Small Studio in North Olmsted, Ohio, During the Yarn Discovery Tour for Knitting and Crochet Supplies

By Fiona Vernon

Many people from Parma, Ohio, to Elyria, Ohio, love to create things with their hands and become very passionate about the materials, the process, and the finished product. When a person receives a handmade item as a gift, they can be sure that every skilled stitch is filled with love! A variety of handmade items involve the use of yarn, a thread that is made of natural or synthetic fibers and is used for knitting, weaving, and crocheting. Yarn crafts are a passion, and individuals who knit or crochet enjoy being surrounded by others who have the same interests! There are crochet and knitting classes, Facebook groups to mingle with yarn lovers around the world, and a vast array of websites selling yarns and patterns; however, anyone who partakes in the traditional crafts of knitting and crocheting know that there is nothing better than the feel of the yarn and the amazing combination of colors when viewed in person. Small Studio in North Olmsted, Ohio, is a local craft store with affordable arts and crafts supplies that is participating for the first time ever in the Yarn Discovery Tour in September. Anyone in and around Cleveland, Ohio, can visit this local yarn shop in their endless search for knitting and crochet supplies and patterns.

People who crochet and knit, or “hookers”, love the texture of the yarn as it slides between their fingers and the beauty of a pattern as it becomes a recognizable object — from socks and tank tops to purses and afghans. Anyone who loves yarn crafts usually have the need to constantly add to their collection of crochet and knitting supplies, whether they are adding to the 100 skeins of yarn they already possess or supplementing their knitting and crocheting pattern collection. The Yarn Discovery Tour in and around Cleveland began in 2008 as a creative way to promote Northeast Ohio yarn shops and kick off Fall fibering. It transpires from September 5th to September 23rd, 2017, and is the perfect occasion to visit local yarn shops that one hasn’t been to before. It is wonderful motivation to experience new yarns in a wide variety of textures and colors and discover new project ideas for the winter and gift giving. Small Studio in North Olmsted, along with the other shops involved, will offer many rewards for visitors, including the chance to win a tour basket worth $100. Everyone who spends $10 at a location will receive a free pattern and an entry into that store’s basket drawing. Participants will receive a passport to get stamped at each location, and entries into other basket prizes dependent upon how many stores were visited. They also receive a bag that has a map with each location on it.

Small Studio is a local craft store that has served individuals from Parma to Elyria since 2012 and not only carries affordable arts and crafts supplies, but also vintage goodies, and decorative wrapping papers. It is the best resource for book and paper arts, including book binding classes and supplies. Yarn lovers of any skill level can take advantage of their crochet and knitting classes, since there are classes offered every Thursday and Saturday. They vary in their content, but can help a beginner learn many new things, like pattern reading or adding to one’s stitch knowledge, as well as teaching an advanced “hooker” how to possibly step out of their comfort zone and maybe attempt a graphgan and or winter sweater.

Individuals from Parma, Ohio, to Elyria, Ohio, who take part in yarn crafts, love to add to their knowledge and experience, and the Yarn Discovery Tour from September 5th to September 23rd is the perfect occasion on which to do so. Participants can not only discover new and fun knitting and crochet patterns, but can also get a chance to see some new yarns and visit local yarn shops they have been intending to visit. When looking to join like-minded people to share yarn crafting experiences and advance one’s techniques, one can sign-up for one of Small Studio’s weekly crochet or knitting classes. Individuals from North Olmsted, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, can find a plethora of affordable arts and crafts supplies at this local craft store. Stop at Small Studio during the Yarn Discovery Tour and make it a frequent stop for knitting and crochet supplies.

Small Studio
24549 Lorain Rd
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070
Ph: 440.808.8599