Get the New Safety Glasses You Need and More at Evans Supply near Canton this Summer!

When you’re selecting protective equipment for your next work site, make sure you pick up a set of new safety glasses. Statistics have shown that in North America alone, there are over 10,000 eye injuries per day. Out of these eye injuries, 3 out of every 5 people who have suffered an eye injury on a jobsite were not wearing protective work glasses. Reasons for not wearing these safety glasses were because they were “uncomfortable” or “unfashionable”.  Others who were wearing safety glasses but still suffered eye injuries were wearing glasses that were not suitable for their work environment.

Before you go to your Akron, Ohio or Kent, Ohio work site, make sure you have the safe eyewear you need to stay protected and injury free. Although you could invest in generic safety glasses, you could be investing in the wrong safety glasses for your work tasks. At Evans Supply –located near Canton, Ohio—you can browse through their supply of safety glasses and find the pair that is perfect for all of your work tasks this summer.  Their most popular safety glasses are those from Edge Eyewear. With these polarized work glasses, you can go to your Bolivar, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio work site knowing you’re wearing one of the finest and best rated safety glasses available.

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Stop by FEW Headquarters near Wooster, Ohio for Police Uniforms, Archery Supplies and More

Since 2004, FEW Headquarters near Wooster, Ohio has been providing firefighters, safety personnel and law enforcement officials with the high-quality apparel and equipment they need. Having recently expanded their facility to include over 10, 000 square feet of retail space, FEW Headquarters has one of the largest selections of police uniforms, police accessories, tactical gear and other law enforcement equipment in the region. Even Massillon, Ohio and Orrville, Ohio natives who participate in archery competitions are able to pick up the archery supplies and accessories they need for their sport. As this locally-owned and operated business not only has an extensive inventory of reasonably-priced products, but the ability to perform custom embroidery and alterations, there’s no better place to go for the brand-name clothing and gear your profession or hobby requires than FEW Headquarters.

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