Residents Of North Jackson, Ohio, And Beyond Interested In Nationwide Delivery For Cargo Trailers Or Livestock Trailers Can Call Leonard Truck & Trailer Today

By Fiona Vernon

The people of America are living amid summer, enjoying the heat and the freedom the season brings. When it comes to traveling, those living in or around Canton, Ohio, and beyond who need high-quality, durable, and customizable trailers can find exactly what they’re looking for and more at Leonard Truck & Trailer! Located in the heart of North Jackson, Ohio, this local truck dealership has hundreds of trailers to suit the needs of anyone searching for anything from livestock trailers to cargo trailers. If one living in or around Warren, Ohio, is looking to install a new awning on their trailer, this local trailer dealership is the place to go for the finest service in all the nation! Being one of the oldest and largest trailer dealers in America, Leonard Truck & Trailer has the loyalty of thousands of satisfied patrons, and over their years of experience, they have learned what’s most important about their business: their customers. With on-site financing for their truck and trailer servicing, truck and trailer repair, and trailer replacement parts, Leonard Truck & Trailer knows how to make their people happy. From something simple for the everyday trucker, like truck beds, to the complicated horse trailers with living quarters expertly installed, there is no task too much for this beloved company. With nationwide delivery at their fingertips, the people living in Canfield, Ohio, and beyond in need of utility trailers, car trailers, or other various truck and trailer accessories can enjoy the high-quality craftsmanship of Leonard Truck & Trailer from anywhere!

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Lehman Awning Company Serves Businesses in Columbus, Ohio and beyond by Offering Truck Tarps and More

By Gemma Chriss

Those who operate out of Columbus, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; and Youngstown, Ohio; and beyond know just how fierce Ohio weather can become, especially during the winter months. If the past few years are any indication of what lies ahead, Ohio natives can look forward to low temperatures and icy roads this season. Fortunately, Lehman Awning Company provides businesses with the means to protect employees, customers, and merchandise from cold winter weather. This locally owned company offers a wide range of products that are particularly useful around this time of year, including commercial awnings, truck tarps, strip doors, and more. Though Lehman Awning Company has long been considered the premier resource for those in need of custom canopies and fitted truck covers, the recent addition of industrial curtains to their inventory has given them the opportunity to better serve businesses throughout the state and surrounding areas. Continue reading

Lehman Awning Company Offers Truck Tarp Repair and Replacement to Businesses in Columbus, Ohio and Beyond

By Gemma Chriss

lehman_logoThe winter months can be a difficult time of year for commercial truck drivers. With rough winds, heavy snow, and icy rain, protecting one’s cargo often proves to be a challenge. To prevent goods from being damaged by the elements, most companies invest in roll or side kit tarps that are designed to completely cover open-top trailers. Unfortunately, most products on the market are unable to stand up to general wear and tear, rendering them ineffective after a few years. In order to better assist those who will be transporting cargo this season, Lehman Awning Company offers truck tarp repair and replacement using durable, high-quality materials. This locally owned business not only carries a wide range of truck tarps and accessories—including tarp ropes and straps—but can create custom coverings for the perfect fit. Lehman’s extensive product selection can not only benefit truck drivers throughout Columbus, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Dover, Ohio; Youngstown, Ohio; and beyond, but individuals in search of the perfect holiday gift for the devout patriot in their family. Continue reading

Lehman Awning Company in the Massillon/Canton Area Offers Truck Tarp Replacement and Repair

By Gemma Chriss

lehman_logoLong-haul truck drivers know that when it comes to keeping one’s cargo in good condition, having a heavy-duty tarp in place is key. Commercial truck covers are designed to offer protection from the elements, helping to ensure the materials will reach their final destination without issue. Unfortunately, the roads are unpredictable, and accidents can occur while one is out on delivery. In addition to experiencing wear and tear over time, tarps can suffer from rips in the fabric, prompting drivers to search for a nearby business that can offer an alternative means of protecting one’s cargo. Luckily for those throughout the Wooster, Ohio and Akron, Ohio areas, Lehman Awning Company offers truck tarp replacement and repair for their customers’ convenience. Not only does this Massillon/Canton, Ohio area company keep a large selection of tarps in stock, but they can also provide customers with custom fitted truck tarps for superior protection. Due to their impressive inventory, high-quality service, and fast turnaround rates, Lehman Awning Company is frequently contacted by drivers in Pennsylvania and beyond. Continue reading