Lehman Awning Company Serves Businesses in Columbus, Ohio and beyond by Offering Truck Tarps and More

By Gemma Chriss

Those who operate out of Columbus, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; and Youngstown, Ohio; and beyond know just how fierce Ohio weather can become, especially during the winter months. If the past few years are any indication of what lies ahead, Ohio natives can look forward to low temperatures and icy roads this season. Fortunately, Lehman Awning Company provides businesses with the means to protect employees, customers, and merchandise from cold winter weather. This locally owned company offers a wide range of products that are particularly useful around this time of year, including commercial awnings, truck tarps, strip doors, and more. Though Lehman Awning Company has long been considered the premier resource for those in need of custom canopies and fitted truck covers, the recent addition of industrial curtains to their inventory has given them the opportunity to better serve businesses throughout the state and surrounding areas. Continue reading