Get the New Safety Glasses You Need and More at Evans Supply near Canton this Summer!

When you’re selecting protective equipment for your next work site, make sure you pick up a set of new safety glasses. Statistics have shown that in North America alone, there are over 10,000 eye injuries per day. Out of these eye injuries, 3 out of every 5 people who have suffered an eye injury on a jobsite were not wearing protective work glasses. Reasons for not wearing these safety glasses were because they were “uncomfortable” or “unfashionable”.  Others who were wearing safety glasses but still suffered eye injuries were wearing glasses that were not suitable for their work environment.

Before you go to your Akron, Ohio or Kent, Ohio work site, make sure you have the safe eyewear you need to stay protected and injury free. Although you could invest in generic safety glasses, you could be investing in the wrong safety glasses for your work tasks. At Evans Supply –located near Canton, Ohio—you can browse through their supply of safety glasses and find the pair that is perfect for all of your work tasks this summer.  Their most popular safety glasses are those from Edge Eyewear. With these polarized work glasses, you can go to your Bolivar, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio work site knowing you’re wearing one of the finest and best rated safety glasses available.

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Maintain Small Trailer Regulations in Portage County with Help from Evans Supply.

Whether you’re a landscape contractor or a farmer, you often rely on small trailers to help you move your equipment. However, to make your small trailer legal to tow through the Portage County, Ohio or Tuscarawas County, Ohio areas, you need to make sure you are within small trailer regulations. Luckily, Evans Supply is happy to help supply you with the quality products you need to keep your trailer legal and safe while you’re on the road. Alongside these affordable trailer supplies, Evans Supply also offers trailer repair services. After all, your trailer is an important aspect of your Mogadore, Ohio and New Philadelphia, Ohio career. If your trailer is suffering from minor damages due to wear, now is the time to invest in these quality trailer services. The sooner they’re fixed, the sooner your trailer will become road legal and fully functional again.

If you plan to travel out of Ohio into another state, you may want to consider what they have as part of their trailer regulations. For example, some states require all trailers – regardless of size—to have breakaway brakes at minimum. These are used to prevent the possibility of accidents if your hitch should fail. If the trailer should separate from the tow vehicle, these power brakes are applied. If you’re unsure how to install these brakes, contact Evans Supply. With their trailer repair services, they can install these brakes to your trailer and keep you road legal through the Portage County area and beyond!

When visiting Evans Supply, make sure you have the other items required for your small trailer to remain road legal. As part of small trailer regulations, there are several components you will need to invest in:

  • Taillights
  • Safety Chains
  • Brake Lights
  • Clearance Lights
  • Turn Signals
  • Reflectors
  • Flares
  • Tie-Downs
  • License Plate Light

Although not strictly for the New Philadelphia and Mogadore areas, these safety features are required by a many states – including Ohio. If you haven’t invested in these affordable trailer supplies, pay a visit to Evans Supply today. Here, you’ll be able to find an assortment of quality products to keep your small trailer legal, including conspicuity tape, tie downs, lighting equipment, and much more!

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Stay Safe with a Reflective New Safety Vest from Evans Supply in North Canton, Ohio!

Whether you’re a landscaper or a construction worker in the Summit County, Ohio area, you know it’s important to stay safe on the work site. What many individuals don’t realize is that wearing high visibility and reflective clothing is one of the many ways to help you stay safe on the job– especially if you’re working near one of the roadways in Carroll County, Ohio or Stark County, Ohio this season. If you don’t have the proper attire for your next work site, visit Evans Supply in North Canton, Ohio. Here, their friendly and knowledgeable staff members can help you find the affordable work clothing and supplies needed to help keep you safe and visible on the work site. One item you may need for your Tuscarawas County, Ohio work site is a high visibility or reflective new safety vest.

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Find Great Deals on Electrical Supplies, Construction Tools and More at Evans Supply in North Canton, Ohio

While big box stores can provide you with smaller electrical and construction supplies, few carry the larger equipment you may require for professional or DIY projects. Fortunately for residents throughout the Canton, Ohio; Uniontown, Ohio; and Massillon, Ohio areas, Evans Supply can. This locally-owned and operated establishment in North Canton, Ohio features a wide variety of construction tools, safety supplies and equipment, including heavy-duty snow plows for rough Ohio winters. By paying Evans Supply a visit, not only will you be able to obtain the larger equipment you need, but you’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of Evans Supply’s competitive pricing.

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