Contact Fairview Log Homes for Log Cabins with Rustic Interiors and Exteriors in Guernsey County, Ohio!

By Fiona Vernon

It is a beautiful time of year in Noble County, Ohio, and Guernsey County, Ohio, with flowers and trees blooming after being revived by the spring rain. The ground has softened with the waning cold, making it time for Fairview Log Homes in Millersburg, Ohio, to start digging foundations for the Amish-built log homes that have been in the planning stage for months. Initially, a client can consult with this log home architect to agree upon a plan for a custom wooden house. Whether an individual is looking for log homes with rustic interiors and/or exteriors or a contemporary wooden home, Fairview Log Homes is a turnkey log cabin builder, assisting from beginning to end in the custom creation and construction of a dream home in and around Holmes County, Ohio; Tuscarawas County, Ohio; and beyond.

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Mahoning County, Ohio Natives in Need of a Log Home Architect Call Fairview Log Homes

By Gemma Chriss

Though countless trends have come and gone, wooden houses remain popular among homeowners throughout Ashtabula County, Ohio; Trumbull County, Ohio; Mahoning County, Ohio; and beyond. Dwellings crafted out of high-quality timber possess an ageless beauty that brick and vinyl simply can’t match. It’s no wonder the number of cedar and pine log homes has increased over recent years. However, log cabin construction isn’t a job for just any contractor. To ensure the best possible results, individuals should consider enlisting the help of a log home architect with years of industry experience. Since custom log houses happen to be Fairview Log Homes’ specialty, it only makes sense that this family-owned business is the top choice for those wanting to build their dream home from the ground up.

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Fairview Log Homes Designs Contemporary Homes for Residents in Guernsey County, Ohio and Beyond

By Gemma Chriss

Most people envision log structures as rustic dwellings surrounded by trees, but these types of homes can actually be modified to fit even those with less traditional tastes. The key is finding a contractor near one’s location that specializes in custom home design. In order to obtain the pine/cedar house one desires, it’s crucial to partner with a business that has experience with residential construction and log cabins in particular. Recently, Fairview Log Homes finished working on a contemporary home they built for a family not far from Holmes County, Ohio. Individuals throughout the Tuscarawas County, Ohio and Guernsey County, Ohio areas who are unsure as to whether a log home would fit their style and needs will undoubtedly be surprised by how attractive and modern a residence from Fairview Log Homes can be.

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Those Interested in an Energy-Efficient Home Should Contact Fairview Log Homes of Ohio

By Gemma Chriss

These days, it’s not uncommon for an individual to build an energy-efficient home from scratch rather than purchase an existing structure. Since living in a wooden house can result in significant savings over time, many people have opted to enlist the help of an eco-conscious contractor like Fairview Log Homes. In addition to crafting log cabins that retain warm and cool air better than dwellings made of brick or stone, this Ohio-based company strives for green construction in all their projects. Residents throughout West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, and beyond can trust that Fairview Log Homes can not only build a house that’s easy on the environment, but on one’s wallet as well. Continue reading

Dayton, Ohio Residents Can Build the Log Cabin of Their Dreams with Help from Fairview Log Homes

By Gemma Chriss

fairviewloghomes_logoEveryone has their own idea as to how the perfect dwelling should look. For some, it’s a custom-built cottage nestled in the woods, surrounded by massive trees. For others, it’s a contemporary lake house overlooking the sparkling waters beyond. Though these dream homes may differ greatly in appearance, there’s one thing they share—most are never brought to life. Many people are under the assumption that crafting a wooden house from scratch is an expensive endeavor that few can afford. It should come as no surprise then to learn that most individuals throughout Columbus, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; and beyond will go their entire lives without even contacting a home builder to obtain a quote. Having built countless log cabins over their long and successful career, the staff members at Fairview Log Homes go above and beyond to assist every client in crafting a beautiful, cozy residence that fits one’s budget, style, and needs perfectly. Continue reading

Fairview Log Homes Constructs Beautiful Log Retreats for Residents throughout the Greater Cleveland, Ohio Area

By Gemma Chriss

fairviewloghomes_logoFor decades, Fairview Log Homes has been considered one of the top log cabin builders in the state—if not the country. This family-owned company is frequently contacted by those who desire their own private log retreat complete with interior stonework, character posts, and wrought iron railings. Recently, Fairview Log Homes finished construction on a beautiful cabin with an attached garage for a family in the Sandusky, Ohio area. This spacious pine log home was customized to meet the client’s needs, and features a number of aesthetically pleasing details, including an elaborate fireplace that acts as the centerpiece for the living room. Residents throughout Elyria, Ohio and greater Cleveland, Ohio area who are interested in building their own wooden house are encouraged to learn more about this particular project and the options that Fairview Log Homes has available. Continue reading

Create a Log Hunting Cabin on Your West Virginia Property with Help from Fairview Log Homes

fairviewloghomes_logoWhen choosing to build your dream home, you want to make sure you’re building something you and your family will love. Not only this, but you want enough space to accommodate your family’s needs throughout the year. Do you know what type of home would be right for you? This year, consider creating the log home of your dreams with help from Fairview Log Homes. For years, this log home builder has been creating custom log cabins for individuals in West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and beyond! In fact, they’ve built everything from quaint log hunting cabins to expansive log homes to be used throughout the year. Because everyone’s cabin requirements are different, the expert builders of Fairview Log Homes are happy to sit down with each of their clients and discuss potential log cabin designs. This way, they can help ensure the custom cabin they build for you is exactly what you want. Continue reading

Learn More about the Beautiful Model Home That Fairview Log Homes Constructed in Ohio

fairviewloghomes_logoWith all of the log home builders located throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, it can be difficult to choose just one to design the house of your dreams. Many people worry that if they select the wrong one, their wants and needs will be tossed aside in favor of the contractor’s own ideas. To ensure that you get the custom-designed house your family desires, it’s important to do your research beforehand. Not only should you look for a contractor that has years of experience building log cabins according to their clients’ specifications, but one that can provide you with an example of their work. Luckily for you, Fairview Log Homes doesn’t just offer testimonials on their website; they also offer additional information about the model home they use as their base of operations. If you’d like to find out how Fairview Log Homes can turn your dream home into a reality, taking a tour of this beautiful, 3-bedroom home is a great first step. Continue reading

Ohio Residents: Obtain the Affordable Custom Log Home You’ve Always Wanted from Fairview Log Homes!

fairviewloghomes_logoAlthough there are many different home types available on the market today, nothing quite compares to the timeless beauty a log cabin offers inside and out. However, finding a log cabin that meets your space and design preferences isn’t always possible. For this reason, many choose to have the rustic home they’ve always wanted built by a custom log home builder like Fairview Log Homes. Why choose Fairview Log Homes over another contractor? Since 1980, Fairview Log Homes has crafted over 200 quality log homes for property owners throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. With years of experience, their knowledgeable craftsmen are able to build the affordable custom log home you’ve always dreamed of owning—usually in as little as 4 to 6 months! Best of all, their professional staff works one-on-one with each client to ensure the build stays on schedule and on budget throughout the building process. Continue reading

Residents in Pennsylvania and Beyond Contact Fairview Log Homes for Beautiful Log Homes

By Gemma Chriss

fairviewloghomes_logoThose in the market for a new wooden home may want to consider enlisting the help of a custom home builder instead of a realtor. In a world filled with houses made of manufactured vinyl, finding a log cabin can be an extremely difficult task for buyers, even in the rural areas of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Indiana. That’s why Fairview Log Homes offers up their services to those wanting a cozy log house they can enjoy with family members. This Ohio-based company crafts beautiful, sturdy structures that are designed according to each client’s specific needs. As a result, those who enlist the help of Fairview Log Homes are able to look forward to years of living in a home they love. Continue reading