Fairview Log Homes Pays Attention to Every Detail of a Log Hunting Cabin or Summer Retreat in Marietta, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

With the temperatures outside remaining cold and the Thanksgiving meal having been eaten, everyone in Holmes County, Ohio, who has been stuck indoors more than they are used to are starting to notice all the things they may not like about their home. It’s never too late to start considering the idea of contacting Fairview Log Homes for an affordable custom log cabin. This log cabin design-build company stands above the rest with their ability to offer standard options that many others cannot, since they focus solely on building custom log homes. The owner began working under his father’s tutelage as a teenager, later buying the company from him, so his experience and knowledge have been honed for almost forty years.  This affordable turn-key contractor is well renowned from Wooster, Ohio, to Steubenville, Ohio, and involves himself in every step of every project— including energy efficient log cabin design, site prep, construction, and maintenance. Whether someone in Marietta, Ohio, wants an affordable luxury home with custom kitchen cabinetry and a stone fireplace or another wants a hunting cabin with custom log furniture that doubles as a summer retreat, Fairview Log Homes can make their dream home a reality.

Large, national companies promote their business by spending a vast amount of money on marketing. These larger brands typically automate their processes to achieve mass production, losing the personal touch that goes into each item. Customers may end up talking to someone in another part of the world to solve an issue that, if handled with face-to-face service, may have taken five minutes. Individuals from Wooster to Steubenville who realize that being able to talk to the person who is supplying them with a product or service is the most effective communication can count on the personal touch that Fairview Log Homes provides. This log cabin design-build company doesn’t just walk to a shelf for a blueprint, but they sit with each homeowner to create an affordable, energy-efficient log cabin design that matches the one they have always envisioned.

Whether a family in Marietta is looking for an affordable luxury home with high ceilings and an open floor plan or newlyweds are looking for a summer retreat and hunting cabin with custom log furniture, Fairview Log Homes is an affordable turn-key contractor who will be with each customer from the beginning to the end of the entire process. After they have collaborated and created a beautiful design for a custom log home, they can begin the site prep that leads to the construction phase. Fairview Log Homes do it all and only with trusted local subcontractors, from custom kitchen cabinetry to intricate stone fireplaces. They don’t just disappear and will be there for years to follow with their log cabin maintenance options. Everyone in Holmes County and beyond will love the attention paid to even the smallest of details when they trust Fairview Log Homes.

As individuals are maturing, they have certain visions of their future, so when they can finally achieve the vision of living in their dream home, they must be picky about who they choose to trust with their investment of an affordable luxury home. Fairview Log Homes is a family-owned and operated log cabin design-build company that has been trusted from Marietta, Ohio, to Wooster, Ohio, for four decades for their superior personal service and impeccable attention to every detail, from energy efficient log cabin design and site prep to construction and maintenance. This affordable turn-key contractor not only offers a plethora of standards that other builders do not, but their affordable log cabins are fully customizable, from choice of logs used to log furniture, stone fireplaces, flooring, and kitchen cabinetry. Everyone from Steubenville, Ohio, to Holmes County, Ohio, looking for a custom log home, whether it is to be used as a hunting cabin, summer retreat, or permanent home, Fairview Log Homes personally attends to every wish.

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