Snow Plow Truck and Diesel Transmission Issues in Akron, Ohio, Can be Affordably Repaired by AJ’s Transmissions

By Fiona Vernon

Many people push the limits of their trucks with work-related tasks, because they work hard and expect the same thing of their vehicles. Whether an individual regularly tows large hauls or plows snow, AJ’s Transmissions can help drivers from North Canton, Ohio, to Dover, Ohio, whose transmission may be slipping and need affordable heavy-duty remanufactured transmissions and repair. Not only does this local transmission shop provide free diagnostics when someone arrives with a snow plow truck or any vehicle transmission issue — like jumping out of four-wheel drive or exhibiting grinding noises when shifting gears — but they have also partnered with two different companies to give options in car and truck repair financing. Everyone from Akron, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, who needs diesel transmission work after they have noticed either their check transmission light is illuminated or their truck won’t go into gear can trust the 25 years’ experience from AJ’s Transmission to get them back on the road quickly.

Many plow drivers and mechanics from North Canton to Alliance agree that automatic transmissions seem to be the best for plowing snow, and a few customizations and practices can be employed that will help to extend their lives. Heat is the number one enemy of a transmission, and it isn’t unheard of for transmission fluid temperatures to reach 350 degrees, with normal operation at around 200 degrees. AJ’s Transmissions can make aftermarket modifications to any heavy-duty or snow plow truck transmission that will keep it running cooler. While this local transmission shop can do their part, owners can institute a few good habits that will help get the maximum life from any hard-working transmission — including staying under the recommended towing and maximum allowable payload limit, getting the transmission fluid changed on a regular basis, and lifting the foot off the gas pedal as the truck comes under load.

When someone from Akron to Dover is looking for heavy-duty performance, low gear ratios, and a budget-friendly price point that stay working smoothly, AJ’s Transmissions provides affordable transmission remanufacturing. Snow plow trucks require a transmission that can suit the hard-working needs of extended hours of abuse; however, normal wear and tear occurs, and the highly-trained technicians at this local transmission shop have the knowledge to help their clients avoid extended down time when they find that their truck won’t go into gear, their transmission is slipping, there are grinding noises when they are shifting gears, or it starts jumping out of four-wheel drive. They offer free transmission diagnostics when a driver’s check transmission light is on and every other problem so that people know exactly what to expect from their wallets. AJ’s Transmissions knows that many don’t have the ability to save for every situation, so they also offer car and truck repair financing on their already affordable transmission repair and diesel work.

Anyone from Dover, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, looking for diesel transmission work that will persevere through the demands put upon it will be impressed by the affordable heavy-duty remanufactured transmissions and repair from AJ’s Transmissions. They excel at snow plow truck transmissions that must live up to the high standards of modern jobs and offer car and truck repair financing to help their customers. Drivers who work long winter hours can rely on the free transmission diagnostics from this local transmission shop for everything from the check transmission light being on to more challenging issues that include the transmission slipping, the truck not going into gear or jumping out of four-wheel drive, and the appearance of grinding noises when it’s shifting gears. Drivers from North Canton, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, who find themselves drained after hours of clearing ice and snow and their tranny not able to handle the task will be thrilled at the results they will find with AJ’s Transmissions.

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