Homeowners in Twinsburg, Ohio, Can Call Precision Garage Door of Akron When Their Garage Door Won’t Open

By Fiona Vernon

Modern daily conveniences are usually taken for granted; however, normal wear and tear from frequent use is inevitable. Since residential garage doors are the largest mechanical apparatus in every home from New Franklin, Ohio, to Hinckley, Ohio, they need proper maintenance to stay running smoothly, particularly during the extreme cold in the winter months; however, they require the proper training and equipment to prevent injury. Whether a homeowner wants advice on how to lubricate a garage door, align their garage door safety eyes, or fix their misaligned garage door track or a broken spring and needs 24/7 garage door service, Precision Garage Door of Akron provides affordable garage door repair and installation. This local garage door company can not only come to the rescue when a garage door won’t open, but they can also help increase a home’s resale value with a custom, energy-efficient carriage house, wood, or steel garage door. Anyone from Twinsburg, Ohio, to Louisville, Ohio, who has gone through the steps of garage door troubleshooting and need to call in the professionals can rely on Precision Garage Door of Akron to determine the issue and fix it right the first time.

Many homeowners from Hinckley to Twinsburg may decide to go through a few simple steps of garage door troubleshooting when their garage door won’t open to avoid a lengthy delay in leaving the house. To possibly avoid an unnecessary service call, people should always start with replacing the batteries in the garage door remote. If that is not the problem, the next step is to disconnect the garage door from the lift mechanism by the red-handled cord and attempt to lift the door. Springs are supposed to assist in lifting a door so if it feels heavy and won’t budge, then a broken garage door spring is most likely the issue. Repairing the springs should never be attempted by untrained individuals. They are under immense pressure and can cause lethal injuries so should only be trusted to the professionals at Precision Garage of Akron. Lubrication can get thick or harden in the cold weather, so if the door lifts but sticks in certain spots, lubricating the garage door may be the solution. A spray-on lubricant made specifically for garage doors can be applied to springs, rollers, tracks, bushings, and hinges. If the door won’t not go all the way up or down, it may require the realignment of the garage door’s safety eyes.

While it’s understandable for a homeowner to want to save money when something breaks, professionals have the proper equipment and training to ensure everyone’s safety in certain circumstances. A garage door not functioning properly can be extremely dangerous. This is why any issues beyond figuring out how to lubricate a garage door or aligning its safety eyes is best left to the highly trained professionals at Precision Garage Door of Akron. Garage door torsion springs support the entire weight of the door as it opens and closes, which translates to several hundred pounds of pressure with each movement. These springs should not expand or contract and tend to break more when the outside temperatures are consistently low, because they become more brittle. Extension springs lift the garage door using a system of pulleys and cables. When this occurs, homeowners must not attempt to fix it on their own! Whether it’s 24/7 garage door service that is necessary for a misaligned garage door track in Louisville or someone in New Franklin wants to increase their home’s resale value with a custom, energy efficient residential carriage house, wood, or steel garage door, this local garage door company provides superior, affordable garage door maintenance, repair, and installation. It’s important for every do-it-yourselfer to know their limits and know when to call in the professionals.

Winter can be a difficult time of year for homeowners, with the problems that extremely cold weather can cause, and individuals from Twinsburg, Ohio, to New Franklin, Ohio, look forward to hibernating during the winter and want everything to work efficiently. When they discover that their garage door won’t open, and they need 24/7 garage door service to go about their busy lives, Precision Garage Door of Akron offers affordable residential garage door maintenance and repair. Homeowners can follow the steps of garage door troubleshooting; however, anything past the basic knowledge of how to align garage door safety eyes or lubricate a garage door’s components must be addressed by the professionally-trained technicians at this local garage door company to prevent bodily harm or the need to call them later to fix a botched attempt. They not only excel at solving the problem behind a misaligned garage door track or a broken spring, but they can also help increase a home’s resale value with custom energy efficient wood, steel, or carriage house garage door installation. Everyone from Louisville, Ohio, to Hinckley, Ohio, can rely on Precision Garage Door of Akron for impressive service and products.

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