Fairview Log Homes & Scenic Pine Finishing Offers Log Cabin Maintenance & Staining for Berlin, Ohio, & Beyond

By Fiona Vernon

Summer vacations may be a thing of the past, but the beautiful hues and moderate temperatures of fall are right around the corner. It is the time of year when homeowners are in search of a company that can help protect their log homes from the elements. Fairview Log Homes is not only a turn-key contractor that builds affordable custom log homes from Tuscarawas County, Ohio, to Holmes County, Ohio, but they also work closely with Scenic Pines Finishing to allow them to offer a comprehensive Log Home Maintenance Program, which includes annual inspections and staining. Clients who have worked closely with Fairview Log Homes knows that this log cabin design-build company is readily available for every step of the process, from their 3D log cabin design, site-prep, and construction. They have also learned that any local contractor Fairview Log Homes trusts will be the perfect fit for their needs. Anyone from Millersburg, Ohio, to Berlin, Ohio, will not only love their energy efficient home design with custom stone fireplaces and kitchen cabinetry, but will appreciate Scenic Pine Finishing for helping them prepare their log homes for winter.

With the temperatures gradually decreasing, people aren’t always thinking about the building of their dream home, but there is no bad time to call Fairview Log Homes to break ground on an affordable custom log home. Individuals in Millersburg and all Holmes County can also start the process and take time over the winter months to work with the 3D log cabin design team to create the energy efficient home design that matches what they had always envisioned. Since 1980, this log cabin design-build company has been dedicated to building quality homes on schedule and on budget. This turn-key contractor only builds log homes, so they can offer standard features that other home builders cannot, including 8-inch log exterior walls, full log dormers and gables, cedar exterior and interior trim, 10-inch block foundations, name brand flooring, windows, and doors, and so much more. These features create a unique home; however, custom details, such as kitchen cabinetry, rustic flooring, and stone fireplaces, will set a home apart from the rest.

Not only does Fairview Log Homes help in every detail of the process with their log cabin design, site prep, and construction, but they also work closely with Scenic Pine Finishing to provide log cabin maintenance and staining services. Any homeowner from Berlin to Tuscarawas County who is looking to protect their log cabin from the elements while preparing it for winter will appreciate the knowledge and experience behind the treating, staining, and washing that they perform. Their goal is to make the upkeep of a log home as simple and cost-effective as possible with their Log Home Maintenance Program. During the process of an annual wash and inspection, they also take care of minor issues, from caulking gaps and cracks to staining when it is necessary. In the spring, they are also busy treating homes for carpenter bees.

When people from Millersburg, Ohio, to Tuscarawas County, Ohio, invest in making their dreams come home a reality, they want to maintain its value by taking care of it very well, and fall is the perfect time to invest in log cabin maintenance and staining with the Log Home Maintenance Program from Fairview Log Homes. They work with Scenic Pine Finishing, a local subcontractor who helps prepare any log home for winter so that it is protected from the harsh elements. They know log home maintenance can be a daunting task, but the experts have created a hassle-free process that makes it seem like no upkeep at all. Fairview Log Homes is a turn-key contractor that has fulfilled many dreams over the past 38 years by comprehensively completing every piece of the puzzle with their 3D energy efficient log cabin design, site prep, construction, and maintenance. This log cabin design-build company can help anyone in Berlin, Ohio, and all Holmes County, Ohio, build their very own affordable custom log home with their choice of stone fireplace and kitchen cabinetry with one phone call today!
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