Every Industry in Detroit, Michigan, Can Call Berran Industrial Group, Inc. for Laser Marking and Engraving Systems

By Fiona Vernon

Assembly lines and automation have arguably been one of the greatest modernizations of the 20th century. With the labor pressure from foreign competition and other competitors, every manufacturing operation must look to automation to protect the future. Current marking methods are often labor-intensive or subject to mechanical wear. The most important fact a purchaser needs to be aware of is that the vast majority of effort to build an automated laser marking system is not about the laser, it’s about the material handling, safety, quick changeover, quality control, and user-friendliness. There are many high-quality laser marking units in the marketplace that can fit a customer’s specific application. Berran Industrial Group, Inc. has multiple experiences with numerous brands, so they can find the most appropriate laser for the application based on engineering factors, causing them to unequivocally stand out from the others in their 35+ years of special machine building experience in the laser marking and engraving industry. Our engineers have designed custom industrial laser markers for many industries across the country, from Chicago, Illinois, and Detroit, Michigan, to Cleveland, Ohio — in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, construction, hardware, food processing, medical, golf, and much more. They build high-quality, standard enclosures for manual load laser markers, as well as optional automated laser markers and equipment utilizing 3D servo positioned laser markers with barcode readers, cameras, and data acquisition. Berran Industrial Group, Inc. designs and builds robotic laser marker special machinery for load and unload purposes, as well as laser marker enclosures, and equipment for laser markers with vision inspection. Any business can count on them as a laser marker integrator and special machine builder.

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