Veterans can Contact WSC Construction and Restoration for VA SAH Grant Construction in Stark County, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

One out of ten veterans alive today has sustained an injury at some point while serving in the military. For many of the millions wounded, the physical and emotional repercussions continue long after they arrive back home. The adjustment to being physically impaired is difficult enough for civilians, but veterans who may be suffering from PTSD and attempting to adapt to an injury are less likely to hold full-time jobs and more likely to have deteriorating general health (according to studies performed by the Pew Research Center). Acquiring accessible housing should not be one of the challenges a disabled Veteran faces, so the VA offers the Specially Adapted Housing Grant for Service Members and Veterans with permanent and total service-connected disabilities. This grant works in various ways to help those who are eligible— assistance with the purchase of a home, construction of an adapted home, or the modification of an existing home to accommodate a disability. WSC Construction and Restoration is the most comprehensive company in and around Hartville, Ohio, and North Canton, Ohio, to call for VA SAH Grant construction when looking for residential remodeling for disabled veterans. WSC has been working with the VA for several years, allowing them to gain a detailed understanding of the grant process in order to expedite approvals. This home mobility renovation contractor will guide their client from start to finish, whether an individual is hoping for residential ramps, handrail and grab bar installation, or a bathroom or kitchen remodel for the disabled. Veterans and service members in Massillon, Ohio, and all Stark County, Ohio, can call family-owned WSC Construction and Restoration to help relieve the stress associated with adapting a home to a new lifestyle.

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