Neubert Painting in Lakewood, Ohio has Quality Exterior Painting and New Warranties Available!

Neubert Painting in Lakewood, Ohio has upped their painting warranties! If you’ve recently had paint work done on your home in Northeast Ohio by Neubert Painting, then you’re eligible for their extended paint warranty. You already knew when you had quality exterior painting done to your home by this amazing team of professionals that you were getting a deal with a 3 year warranty on your home’s exterior paint. Recently, however, Neubert Painting has discovered that their improved paint primer has actually helped extend the life of your exterior paint even farther. Neubert Painting wants to make sure your home stays beautiful by extending their warranty to match. Instead of 3 years, you can now expect your Cuyahoga County, Ohio homes exterior paint to be under warranty for 4 years, all thanks to Neubert Painting and XIM Peel Bond Primer.

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