Visit Figaro Farms Fresh Market in Green, Ohio for Fresh Fruit Baskets and Various Holiday Foods!

It seems like only yesterday Figaro Farms Fresh Market was having their annual Fall Festival, and now? Well, now the folks at this Green, Ohio market are getting prepared for the Christmas season! Figaro Farms Fresh Market is well-known to Akron, Ohio and Uniontown, Ohio locals for providing some of the most delicious chef-prepared meals in the area. But this is time of the year when Figaro Farms really shows what they have to offer. When you pay a visit to this local farm and marketplace, you’ll be introduced to a variety of holiday foods including stuffed mushrooms, deli trays, homemade dips, smoked salmon, roll-ups, shrimp platters—all made by Figaro’s talented staff with only quality ingredients. Not only can you try some of these specialty samples for yourself, but you can also pick up presents for your acquaintances. A fresh fruit basket perhaps?

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