Appliance Mart Offers Affordable Appliance Services and Parts to the Akron Area and Beyond!

Our appliances help us complete some of the most important day-to-day tasks we have, including preparing meals and washing our clothing. Should one of these appliances break down, these once simplified tasks can become incredibly difficult. Luckily, Appliance Mart – with locations in Tallmadge, Ohio and Canton, Ohio—is proud to offer an array of appliance services to help keep your larger home appliances functioning optimally throughout the year. Of these services, general maintenance is one of the most important. Why? Routine maintenance services for your appliances –including duct, vent, and refrigerator coil cleanings—can help reduce the chances of an unexpected break down from occurring. This is because routine inspections and maintenance services give factory trained technicians like those of Appliance Mart the opportunity to detect a forming problem before it becomes larger and more costly. Best of all, Appliance Mart’s knowledgeable technicians use quality appliance parts designed for your specific home appliance to help ensure it continues to run optimally.

In fact, Appliance Mart keeps an array of used (reconditioned), new, and discontinued home appliance parts in stock at their Akron, Ohio area warehouse for their technicians to use. More importantly, they keep these discount appliance parts in stock at their warehouse and in their stores –located in Canton, Ohio and Tallmadge, Ohio— to help make finding the right part easy for their customers. After all, many customers prefer to repair their own appliances but lack the appropriate parts to do so. Appliance Mart makes these repairs easier by helping customers obtain the part needed repair their appliance at home without having a technician come out to their Kent, Ohio or Stow, Ohio location.

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