For Jail Cell Cleaning in the Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Area, Call Bio Clean Services

Transporting prisoners from one location to another can be a dangerous task. Not only because some of these individuals can be uncooperative, but because there is the risk of biohazardous materials being left in your law enforcement vehicle, as well as the cell in which the perpetrator is kept. If blood, vomit, bodily fluids, or tissues have ended up in either your vehicle or a prisoner’s cell, it’s in your best interest to call for professional cleanup. Without crime scene cleanup service, such materials can potentially affect your health and the health of others in the vicinity. Fortunately, Bio Clean Services offers jail cell and police vehicle cleaning throughout the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Dayton, Ohio; and Detroit, Michigan areas. If an individual in your custody became ill in your vehicle, or was injured in their cell, Bio Clean Services can provide the trauma scene residue removal you need to protect yourself and others.

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