For Affordable Preschool Gymnastics Classes, Visit Gymnastics Academy of Rockford near Roscoe!

The key to helping our children live a healthy, active lifestyle in Stephenson County, Illinois is to get them started with a form of physical activity early. For these reasons and more, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford (GAR) is happy to offer preschool gymnastics classes! These classes are designed for your smaller children, allowing you the opportunity to bond with your child as they grow. Through these classes, your child can develop their motor skills, learn key skills and concepts, and even learn how to be a more independent individual! For the Byron, Illinois child that loves gymnastics, you’ll be happy to know that Gymnastics Academy of Rockford also offers competitive gymnastics programs! These programs are some of the best in the country, allowing your child to learn the basics or move up into a more advanced gymnastics course! They also make a great birthday party venue in the Rockford, Illinois area for those children who love to tumble and play! With so many great programs, it’s no wonder Gymnastics Academy of Rockford is so popular!

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