Outdoor Recreational Equipment in Mahoning County, Ohio, Offers the Best Scouting Selection, Service & Pricing

By Fiona Vernon

With much of the region from Sharon, Pennsylvania, to Mahoning County, Ohio, only enjoying about 30% of their days filled with sunshine, outdoor enthusiasts want to take full advantage of the nice weather that is available. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, there is always outdoor fun to be had, and Outdoor Recreational Equipment has been providing the best outdoor equipment service, selection, and pricing since 1992. For 27 years, they have offered quality canoe and kayaking supplies, camping gear, skateboarding supplies, snow skis and snowboarding accessories, and scouting accessories, adding mountain bikes, road bikes, and cycling accessories ten years ago. Whether a parent in Columbiana County, Ohio, needs scout uniforms or anything having to do with boy scouts, cub scouts, or girl scouts or a fitness enthusiast  in Trumbull County, Ohio, needs to revamp their cycling supplies at the end of riding season or get ready for winter sports, this local outdoor sports store prides themselves on changing with technology and offering the latest product advancements.

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