Homeowners in Stow, Ohio, can Rely on WSC Construction and Restoration for Free Moisture Readings for Mold

By Fiona Vernon

Spring is here with its rain, causing the humidity and moisture level indoors and out to rise along with the temperatures. Allergies are exceedingly common this time of year from Wooster, Ohio, to Stow, Ohio; however, identifying the allergen can be a challenge. Spring also brings about the highest number of buyers in the real estate market, and some of their main concerns involve mold growth. With the moisture levels being so high from Alliance, Ohio, to Wadsworth, Ohio, any homeowner exhibiting symptoms of allergies can take advantage of the free moisture readings from WSC Construction and Restoration to determine the possibility of mold growth in their home. This local disaster restoration company not only offers 24-hour water and fire restoration services, but they also excel at mold remediation for those who want to get a start on preventing future mold growth in their home. This isn’t a job for someone to try themselves as it requires specialized equipment to prevent major health issues; additionally, WSC offers home improvement financing on their already affordable, extensive remodeling and construction services for a comprehensive mold solution. Anyone who suspects they have a mold issue will find the perfect solution with one call to WSC Construction and Restoration!

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