Let Attorney Glen F. Buttacavoli Assist You in Medicare & Medicaid Application and More in Canton, Ohio and Stark County, Ohio

Do you know what these acronyms stand for: QMB, SLMB, QI, QDW? If you answered yes, you already know more about Medicare and Medicaid than the average person. Even if you can name things like “Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary” (SLMB), do you truly know what that designation means? Do you wonder if there’s anyone in the Canton, Ohio and Stark County, Ohio area who does? Elder Law Attorney Glen F. Buttacavoli not only knows the ins and outs of Medicare and Medicaid, but wants to take the time to help you learn them, too.

Going online or reading the booklets from the local Medicare and Medicaid offices will probably leave you with more questions than answers. Continue reading