Homeowners in Austin, Texas, Can Use Silca System on Their Multi-Level Decks to Improve Their Outdoor Living Space

By Fiona Vernon

An individual’s home is their sanctuary and being able to utilize every space in and around it makes it even more comfortable. When people unwind at the end of the day and it’s nice enough outside to enjoy a fresh breeze, having a deck that has been customized to one’s lifestyle makes relaxing even easier. Decks are usually one of the first additions to either a newly-built home in Austin, Texas, or when someone starts to remodel in Atlanta, Georgia, but styles and materials for decks have evolved over time. Instead of a typical one level wooden deck extending behind a house’s back door, multi-level decks offer a variety of benefits. While improving one’s outdoor living space and creating an aesthetic oasis in which to retreat from reality, Silca System can help transform a wood deck to a low-maintenance stone deck with their easy-to-install plastic grates that support any paver of choice — including travertine, brick, flagstone, slate, and sandstone. They can even be installed onto stairs so that each level of a deck matches the other, as well as giving the ability to match the deck to any hardscaping, like sidewalks and walking paths. Whether adding a new deck in Washington, DC, or upgrading an old one in San Jose, California, Silca System allows a vast array of flooring options.

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