Trapped! Escape Room Provides Cleveland Residents with an Interactive Game They Won’t Forget

Trapped_ExteriorBy Gemma Chriss

As far as entertainment trends go, escape rooms are still fairly new, which means a number of people throughout the greater Cleveland area aren’t familiar with this puzzle-solving activity. Those who are, however, would agree that a visit to Trapped! Escape Room is one of the most fun things to do with a group of people. As Trapped! Escape Room approaches the one-year mark, it’s interesting to look at how this interactive game has changed in the short time it’s been available for local residents to play. What was once just a source of family-friendly fun for those around the East side and Shaker Heights areas has evolved into a challenging and, at times, heart-pounding experience for all participants. With four rooms, four different themes, and hundreds of brain-twisting riddles, Trapped! Escape Room has become one of the most impressive attractions around.

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