Lloyd’s Towing: Medina, Ohio’s AAA Approved Towing Company for Vehicle Breakdowns and More

Unless you have the uncanny ability to see the future, you can never really predict when or where you may run into car trouble. However, since the hot days of August create the ideal setting for your car to overheat, you can prepare for a possible vehicle breakdown by putting the number for Lloyd’s Towing in your phone beforehand. This AAA approved towing company can provide you with the emergency auto towing you need when your engine’s temperature runs a little too high and causes your car to shut down altogether. Providing auto roadside assistance throughout the area, Lloyd’s Towing is able to pick you up regardless of whether you’re stranded in Lodi, Ohio; Chippewa Lake, Ohio; or Medina, Ohio. And since they have flatbed trucks readily available, they can even offer AWD towing service for your all-wheel drive vehicle.

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