Sandusky Electric Has Work Safety Equipment to Use in Your Akron, Ohio or Toledo, Ohio Building

If you’re employed at a factory or industrial complex, you’re well aware of the importance of having up-to-date work safety equipment installed in your building. Especially if your job deals with hazardous chemicals, hot machinery, or flammable materials. Fortunately, Northeast Ohio’s Sandusky Electric has all of the products you need to make your facility safe and secure. With Edwards alarm sirens, GE and Hubbell outdoor area lighting fixtures, Surelite and Lithonia battery-operated emergency lighting, and Killark explosion proof boxes, Sandusky Electric has virtually every item you can think of to protect your building. Workers from all over the Akron, Ohio and Toledo, Ohio areas visit Sandusky Electric in order to pick up such supplies. And even those as far up as Michigan take advantage of Sandusky’s large selection.

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