Access Solutions, Inc. Offers Barrier-Free Living for Northeast Ohio With Curved & Straight Stairlifts

By Fiona Vernon

Wanting to keep oneself or a family member safe is the greatest show of love. Whether a parent in Mentor, Ohio, wants to give their handicapped child the freedom of access to the entire property or an adult child knows that their parent in Kent, Ohio, is at the age that they require an alternative to climbing stairs, Access Solutions, Inc. installs affordable indoor and outdoor stairlifts in every budget range. This local home mobility company not only installs Bruno, Harmar, and Stavaria chairlifts for stairs, but they also provide every home mobility solution — including residential elevators, dumbwaiters, mobility ramps, and wheelchair lifts — that make it easier for anyone in Alliance, Ohio, and beyond to age in place instead of leaving their two-story home after decades. Anyone in Northeast Ohio can find a vast array of barrier-free living products, from access ramps to curved and straight stairlifts, with one phone call to veteran-owned Access Solutions, Inc.

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