Visit The Market Path of Summit County, Ohio and Discover the Benefits of Fair Trade

Over the years, people have become more concerned with the items they purchase and where they originate from. Not only does such increased awareness allow you to make better decisions for your family, but it also provides you with a unique opportunity to assist others. By buying handcrafted goods from small merchants in the area and throughout the world, you’re helping them to succeed in building a life for themselves—not to mention the fact that you’re receiving higher-quality items in the process. The Market Path of Summit County, Ohio has made it even easier for residents to make good choices by offering a wide selection of artisan-made products from local and world craftspeople. By visiting this community market near Hudson, Ohio; Kent, Ohio; and Green, Ohio, shoppers are able to take advantage of all the fair trade goods that The Market Path has to offer while simultaneously working with the First Grace United Church of Christ to promote fair wages and employment opportunities.

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