Help Your Winged Friends Stay Warm with Roosting Pockets from The Bird Store…and More near Akron, Ohio

If those of us around the Northeast Ohio region are still shivering with heavy coats, gloves, scarves, and hats, it’s safe to say that other creatures aren’t faring so well either. While most animals can find their own food and shelter during the winter season without issue, it wouldn’t hurt to offer a little extra help. That’s why The Bird Store…and More near Akron, Ohio has a number of wild bird products in stock that will allow you to keep your winged friends safe, cozy, and well fed over the coming months. With a trip from your Uniontown, Ohio or Mogadore, Ohio home to The Bird Store…and More, not only will you have the opportunity to peruse their large selection of backyard gifts, but you’ll also have the chance to pick up a heated bird bath, roosting pocket, and some quality bird seed.

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