Homeowners in Cleveland, Ohio, Can Find Hail and Wind Damage Repair at WSC Construction and Restoration

By Fiona Vernon

You’re never ready when disaster strikes…But We Are!

January has come and gone, bringing residents from North Canton, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, one step closer to spring. As individuals look forward to more pleasant weather and comfortable temperatures, they sometimes forget that storms come with spring. Even small amounts of hail and wind can cause damage to a home’s exterior, possibly resulting in water leaks or air drafts. The side effects of roofing, siding, or gutter damage may not be noticeable immediately, so it is wise to call WSC Construction and Restoration for an assessment on the amount of deterioration their home has experienced from inclement weather. This exterior home remodeling company is even happy to work with anyone’s insurance company so that the stress and anxiety that accompanies the need for hail and wind damage repair is removed from the shoulders of their client. They offer home improvement financing, because not many people are prepared for the unexpected. Homeowners from Akron, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, who want to prevent roof leaks and air drafts that affect utility bills can call WSC Construction and Restoration or visit their website to start saving today.

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H.R.N. Construction and Restoration has Smoke Damage Repair Available in Stark County, Ohio

There’s nothing quite like the emotional and physical devastation left behind by a fire in a home. If the home can be salvaged, then there is going to be a lot of fire damage restoration as well as smoke damage repair that needs to be made. H.R.N. Construction and Restoration is able to help residents of Stark County, Ohio and Tuscarawas County, Ohio with these unfortunate circumstances. H.R.N. offers detailed fire damage estimates for the client over all the damages incurred. Their experienced estimators document all damage and anticipate hidden damage caused by smoke penetration that may be an additional expense to you, the consumer. Whether it is a business in Canton, Ohio or a residence there, H.R.N. Construction and Restoration has both commercial and residential repair services that can get your property back to its proper functioning capabilities. Don’t let fire and smoke damages get the best of you and your home; call H.R.N. Construction and Restoration.

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Fireplaces & More Has Chimney Cleaning Services for Your Uniontown, Ohio Home This Winter

It’s hard not to reminisce with the holidays approaching as we sit in front of the fireplace, remembering the days when we warmed up by the fire after a long day of sledding, building snowmen, and having snowball fights at Grandma’s house. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still enjoy warming up by the fire. With Fireplaces & More in Uniontown, Ohio, you can get a brand new fireplace and have professional fireplace installation service from the same location. Whether you’re in Canton, Ohio or Barberton, Ohio, Fireplaces & More also has chimney cleaning services to get your old fireplace back to new for this upcoming holiday season.

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H.R.N. Construction and Restoration in Northeast Ohio Offers You Quality Construction with General Contracting

Regardless of the season, damages can be incurred upon your home in a variety of ways. H.R.N. Construction and Restoration in Northeast Ohio is offering quality construction with general contracting. No matter what the issue is, your Seven Hills/Brooklyn Heights, Ohio home can get the repairs it needs with H.R.N.’s year round 24-hour emergency service for construction and restoration needs whenever they hit. If you’re not sure you can afford repairing the damages, let H.R.N. give you a free construction and restoration estimate to allow you peace of mind in your repair. Everyone deserves a nice home, so don’t let the worry of costs stop you from getting the construction or repairs done that you need.

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H.R.N. Construction and Restoration Can Help Repair Damage of Hurricane Sandy to Your Northeast Ohio Home

Hurricane Sandy decimated the east coast, leaving destruction in its path clear into the Northeast Ohio region. With high winds, Hurricane Sandy destroyed roofs, brought down trees onto property, caused homes to flood with excess rain, and even started fires. With the holidays upon us, it’s hard to think of your next family event happening in a damaged home. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. H.R.N. Construction and Restoration wants to help you get your Seven Hills/Brooklyn Heights, Ohio or home back to its original state. If you’re not sure the price is right for you, ask and you can receive a free storm damage estimate before you agree to the repairs. The skilled people with H.R.N. Construction and Restoration handle all facets of home repairs from roofing to fire damage, flooding and more. Whatever this Super Storm threw at you, H.R.N. Construction and Restoration wants to help you get it back to the way it should be.

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Fireplaces & More Inc. Helps Warm Up Your Uniontown, Ohio Home with Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

While the fall season turns the Uniontown, Ohio area into a striking vision of bright gold, red, orange, and green, the temperature that comes along with it leaves something to be desired. As we approach the end of the calendar, the slightly chilly weather turns into teeth-chattering cold. And it’s safe to say that not many of us are fans of low temperatures. But what if you had your very own fireplace to curl up by? A place to sit in front of on those crisp autumn nights where you could enjoy a nice cup of hot apple cider with your loved ones… Well, that idyllic vision can easily be a reality when you visit Fireplaces & More Inc. Conveniently located near the Hartville, Ohio and Barberton, Ohio areas, Fireplaces & More offers a wide variety of wood burning fireplace inserts, outdoor fire pits, and wood burning stoves, as well as chimney liners and installation. If you would like to transform your home into a warm, cozy refuge from the cold, then obtaining expert fireplace service from Fireplaces & More is a step in the right direction!

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