SPSI West: Emergency Response Team Serving Canton, Ohio and the Greater Northeast Ohio Region

Accidents happen, usually when we’re the least prepared. When dangerous chemicals are involved, it makes it even more important to have an emergency response team you can call for immediate assistance. Whether you find yourself in need of chemical cleanup and transfer, or positive pressure ventilation service, knowing you can get the help you need by contacting SPSI West can make an otherwise disastrous situation seem manageable. Serving Youngstown, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; Warren, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; and the greater Northeast Ohio region, SPSI West offers a wide range of specialized services including hazmat, WMD, and environmental emergency response, as well as storage tank inspections and security consulting. By contacting their experienced team in your time of need, you can feel confident that your particular issue will be addressed in a timely manner, regardless of your location. Continue reading