Car Financing Specialists at Park Ford by Akron, Ohio, Help with New Car Vs. Old and Leasing Vs. Buying a Car

By Fiona Vernon

A senior in Kent, Ohio, and Akron, Ohio, has spent years studying and sacrificing social time for education in order to get to their final destination – graduation! There are many things to consider after the official ceremony, including where and how to apply for that long sought after career, housing and its location, and if it’s time to upgrade one’s car as someone enters the official working world. Some people view buying a car as the initial step toward adulthood and feel they deserve a better car than the old jalopy that barely got them through college. There are many factors to consider when buying a car after graduating, such as deciding on a new car vs used and leasing vs buying a car. Visiting the car financing specialists at Tallmadge, Ohio-based Park Ford when researching these questions can help individuals in and around Mogadore, Ohio, figure out what would be best for their situation. Whether looking at new or used Ford cars, trucks, or SUVs, this local Ford dealer offers many incentives that can help make the decision easier — from manufacturer specials to free oil changes for a year on purchased or leased new cars.

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