Car Financing Specialists at Park Ford by Akron, Ohio, Help with New Car Vs. Old and Leasing Vs. Buying a Car

By Fiona Vernon

A senior in Kent, Ohio, and Akron, Ohio, has spent years studying and sacrificing social time for education in order to get to their final destination – graduation! There are many things to consider after the official ceremony, including where and how to apply for that long sought after career, housing and its location, and if it’s time to upgrade one’s car as someone enters the official working world. Some people view buying a car as the initial step toward adulthood and feel they deserve a better car than the old jalopy that barely got them through college. There are many factors to consider when buying a car after graduating, such as deciding on a new car vs used and leasing vs buying a car. Visiting the car financing specialists at Tallmadge, Ohio-based Park Ford when researching these questions can help individuals in and around Mogadore, Ohio, figure out what would be best for their situation. Whether looking at new or used Ford cars, trucks, or SUVs, this local Ford dealer offers many incentives that can help make the decision easier — from manufacturer specials to free oil changes for a year on purchased or leased new cars.

2017 Ford Edge SEL 4Dr FWD CUV

Books and tuition are expensive, and most students from Akron to Kent have loans that got them through their college years. They will spend the first few years of their chosen careers paying off those loans. With these financial limitations, Park Ford can help with decisions on buying a car after graduating as to what make and model will best suit the buyer. Whether looking at new or used Ford cars, trucks, or SUVs, some guidelines can help one narrow down to a final selection. One of the first questions in someone’s mind is the new car vs used debate.  Decades ago, many drivers bought new cars without even considering used models, because the technology of newer cars was changing so fast that new was the preferred option. Cars are still constantly changing, but they have been generally consistent for quite some time. Currently, one can test drive a used Ford car that is five to 10 years old and not notice a huge difference in the way it drives from a new Ford car. If one has decided that buying a used vehicle is best for them, an outside inspection should be a top priority. The benefit far outweighs the cost if a major defect is discovered that wouldn’t have been covered under the limited warranty that typically accompanies used cars. Some benefits to buying used models are that they cost and depreciate less if a low-mileage, well-maintained pre-owned car is found. On the other side of the debate, some benefits to new vehicles are that they will have the latest technologically upgrades, as well as extensive warranties that are not generally found attached to a used car.

If one has decided on purchasing a new car, the next decision is leasing vs buying a car. The car financing specialists at local Ford dealer Park Ford can answer any question one would have on monthly and down payments in either situation. People from Mogadore, Tallmadge, and beyond have traditionally viewed leasing as paying for something while receiving nothing in return, but that concept has changed dramatically over the years. It might be better to have future options available when there is a transitional period in someone’s life, since recent graduates may not know where they will be after everything has settled in their lives. Leasing deals are typically three years so can be well-suited if one is ready for an upgrade, and they also usually allow someone to obtain a more appealing car than if they purchased, but it does come with restrictions on mileage. There are many incentives available through dealers and manufacturers, and Park Ford is offering free oil changes for one year or 100,000 miles with the purchase or lease of a new Ford car, truck, or SUV. Working with Park Ford also affords individuals the knowledge that they will have access to vehicles with the most 5-star crash test safety ratings and the highest owner loyalty of any automotive brand.

Graduates from Mogadore, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, anticipate many exciting life changes over the next few years. Buying a car after graduation does not have to be one of the stressful decisions with the car financing specialists at Park Ford near Akron, Ohio, providing information for the decisions of leasing vs buying a car and new car vs used. Once the basic decision is made on whether to buy a new or used Ford car, truck, or SUV, this local Ford dealer has incentives and specials to accommodate either decision. For example, they are offering free oil changes for one year or 100,000 miles on new vehicles that are purchased. Individuals can determine what their best options are for their financial situation when they speak with the experts at Park Ford. Anyone can research on their comprehensive website or take the short drive to find the perfect vehicle!

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