Join Local Craft Store Small Studio in North Olmsted, Ohio, for Their New Summer Camps for Kids or Teens

By Fiona Vernon

People in and around Cleveland, Ohio, are extremely busy these days, but need time for relaxation and entertainment in order to destress. Anyone can turn on the television, radio, or YouTube and immediately see ads touting various ways to relax. People who like to work with their hands will appreciate what crafting offers in the way of stress relief. As children grow, it may become necessary for parents to find a range of crafts that will satisfy the curiosity of every age, and mothers or fathers who like to create things with their children may also need to find something that is more interesting for their age range. Throughout one’s lifetime, people may try different activities, but not possess advanced skills in any specific category with which to teach their children a variety of interests, so Small Studio is presenting their brand-new teens’ and kids’ summer classes. This local craft store consistently offers a wide range of classes for adults, and is pleased to offer their first children’s program— Summer Art Camp for kids and teens! Many individuals from Independence, Ohio, to Strongsville, Ohio, have experienced the vast array of adult paper craft classes and can attest to their educational and entertainment value. Summer camp activities are designed with age appropriate crafts and kid-friendly versions of the many adult craft classes regularly offered. The store owner, Margaret, received her degree in Art Education and has worked with children of all ages. She will help the beginner as well as the advanced hobbyist in crocheting, knitting, bookbinding, paper crafts, and more. Not only can anyone register for the teen and kids’ summer classes at Small Studio, but will also enjoy perusing one of the most extensive selections of affordable arts and crafts in and around North Olmsted, Ohio.

When it comes to lowering stress, many people in Strongsville, Cleveland, and beyond do not feel inclined to create a meditation routine. It may take some people practice to perfect the art of meditation with its need for focus causing many to choose other forms of relaxation that will accommodate their time limits and lifestyle. Crafting can be a soothing way to clear the mind with repetitive motion putting one in a trance-like state. Many crafts fit the bill of being calming, including the paper crafts of bookbinding, collage, drawing, and yarn crafts — like finger knitting and weaving. Small Studio offers knitting and crocheting classes every week. The owner herself teaches classes unless there is a subject that is outside her realm of expertise, then she brings in those well-versed in the craft of choice. This local craft store not only offers craft classes, but also affordable arts and crafts supplies as well!

With children being out of school for the summer, some parents like to plan a few activities to keep the family occupied and search for kids and teen summer classes. Newly introduced this year for children of North Olmsted, Independence, and beyond is Small Studio’s Summer Art Camp! They will be exploring different age appropriate art and craft techniques — like collage, drawing portraits, and bookbinding. This local craft store has organized four afternoons of crafting fun, but each program is limited to 12 campers, so it’s important to book one’s spot at the earliest convenience. The summer camp for kids aged 7 to 12 is taking place June 27 to 30th from 12 to 4 each day, and the summer camp for teens aged 13 to 18 will be held July 11 to 14th from 12 to 4 each day. One visit or quick call to the store at 440.808.8599 can reserve any child’s spot!

Summer is a time of year when routines are less demanding, no homework exists to complete, and many parents are rushing around less. Individuals from Independence, Ohio, to Strongsville, Ohio, looking for ways to relax and simultaneously keep one’s children occupied this summer will love the teen and kids summer classes offered at Small Studio. This local craft store near Cleveland, Ohio, offers affordable arts and crafts supplies as well as adult craft classes and their first ever summer camp for kids and teens! Summer Art Camp is offered in June for kids and July for teens and will be exploring age appropriate paper crafts such as bookbinding, drawing portraits, yarn work, and paper collage creations! Make the call today to book a spot for a camper or take the short drive to peruse the eclectic and curious goods carried at this unique and fun location!

Small Studio
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