Find Hardwood Bathroom Vanities at Windy Hill Hardwoods near Wooster, Ohio, for Affordable Bathroom Renovations

By Fiona Vernon

At the beginning in the 20th century, bathrooms were viewed as a place of luxury and a way for individuals to show off their status with appealing colors, bold patterns, and beautiful ornamentation. This thought process gradually led to the bathrooms of today with more technology, comfort, and style. With the boom in toiletry products after World War II, bathroom cupboards were becoming necessary for a place in which to store them. At the current time, a bathroom is a private location, and the necessary storage space increases with entire families sharing them. Where does everyone keep their extra shampoo, soap, deodorant, towels, and everything else they need? The décor and necessity have finally blended, and people prefer hardwood bathroom vanities and aesthetic bathroom flooring. Families in Orrville, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; and Barberton, Ohio, find themselves staying in the same residence as their family grows, so they are adapting their surroundings to suit their growing needs with affordable bathroom renovations. Windy Hill Hardwoods in Canal Fulton, Ohio, supplies a vast array of home remodeling materials necessary for such a renovation, from flooring to wooden cabinets to trim.

In ancient times from Rome to England, public bath houses had a certain elite air to them, so cleanliness was not a very private endeavor. Public bathing started decreasing when there was less clean water to be found as disease spread and the population grew. Using a toilet was always done far away from the house, but eventually toilet use and cleanliness were put together and the modern bathroom began to form. Many of the cleanliness rituals were done in a bedroom, but it was still a social occasion where many women would apply makeup and put on their wigs together. Having a room dedicated to cleanliness and toiletry in one’s own dwelling became necessary as plumbing was installed in each house. As decades went by, homeowners realized that the space they used to see as a necessary evil was a room to be decorated and in which to have pride. Windy Hill Hardwoods in Canal Fulton has supplied home remodeling materials for over 27 years with their extensive line of interior wood products. They started their business in a barn milling oak trim for the local citizens, and their reputation for quality has helped them grow to what they are today — offering hardwood bathroom vanities, bathroom flooring, and wooden trim for any project.

Satisfied customers from Orrville to Wooster have touted their happiness with Windy Hill Hardwoods, and an affordable bathroom renovation is highly attainable with the home remodeling materials produced by this reputable business. Whether individuals in Barberton and beyond want ornate wooden cabinets or simple bathroom cupboards, the selection offered is of the highest quality. Their own line of JMark Cabinets are available in many colors:

  • Cherry with a Dark Glaze
  • Heritage White with a Dark Glaze
  • Mocha with a Dark Glaze
  • Shaker Cherry
  • Rope with a Dark Glaze
  • Hickory Cathedral
  • Legacy Oak Cathedral
  • Bristol Chocolate
  • York Coffee

They also offer many standard wooden cabinet features at no extra cost:

  • Solid hardwood doors and face frames
  • ½” plywood construction for lasting durability
  • Stained inside and out
  • ¾” plywood shelves
  • No particle board in JMark cabinet
  • 120 lb roller bearing side mount drawer glides on certain styles
  • Soft close hinges on certain styles
  • Butt-style doors eliminate center stile allowing for easier use

Individuals can take the short drive from Orrville, Ohio, to Canal Fulton, Ohio, to peruse the wide selection of colors and styles in Windy Hill Hardwoods’ showroom and personally view the quality. Any homeowner from Wooster, Ohio, and Barberton, Ohio, looking for home remodeling materials for their affordable bathroom renovation can find the necessary materials with which they can complete their project, including hardwood bathroom vanities, countertops, flooring, bathroom cupboards, and wooden trim. Windy Hill’s own line of JMark wooden cabinets display an impressively high quality with many standard features. Visit their website to view the styles or drive to their showroom and meet their knowledgeable staff.

Windy Hill Hardwoods
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