Trapped! Escape Room Has a New Puzzle Game Coming to Their Location near Berea, Ohio

By Gemma Chriss

trapped_logoOver the last few months, Trapped! Escape Room’s second location in Middleburg Heights, Ohio has become a popular spot for those looking for fun things to do around the Berea, Ohio area. At this time, only one puzzle game is available for participants to take part in—The Inside Job. However, residents throughout Brunswick, Ohio and Strongsville, Ohio will be happy to learn that the staff members at Trapped! are hard at work on their newest experience—The Labyrinth. Unlike other rooms that Trapped! has created in the past, The Labyrinth will provide participants with a head-to-head challenge in the form of a complicated indoor maze. Those who enjoy bringing friends, family members, and coworkers together for an exciting new group activity are encouraged to learn more about The Labyrinth and how it will test each participant’s ability to search for clues, solve puzzles, and work with others as a team. Continue reading