Trapped! Escape Room Has a New Puzzle Game Coming to Their Location near Berea, Ohio

By Gemma Chriss

trapped_logoOver the last few months, Trapped! Escape Room’s second location in Middleburg Heights, Ohio has become a popular spot for those looking for fun things to do around the Berea, Ohio area. At this time, only one puzzle game is available for participants to take part in—The Inside Job. However, residents throughout Brunswick, Ohio and Strongsville, Ohio will be happy to learn that the staff members at Trapped! are hard at work on their newest experience—The Labyrinth. Unlike other rooms that Trapped! has created in the past, The Labyrinth will provide participants with a head-to-head challenge in the form of a complicated indoor maze. Those who enjoy bringing friends, family members, and coworkers together for an exciting new group activity are encouraged to learn more about The Labyrinth and how it will test each participant’s ability to search for clues, solve puzzles, and work with others as a team.

trapped_inside-jobThe response to The Inside Job at Trapped! Escape Room’s second location near Berea has been overwhelming so far, which is why the staff is so eager to get their newest puzzle game up and running. The concept of The Labyrinth is simple—two teams will compete in a head-to-head challenge in which they will need to successfully weave their way through a complicated indoor maze and “unlock” the door within the allotted time. Each half of The Labyrinth is essentially a room in and of itself, so Trapped! Escape Room will first be opening one side for testing. During the initial testing period, the game won’t be played as a head-to-head challenge, but as a single puzzle game for participants to complete. Once both sides are open, The Labyrinth will be able to be played as intended.

Trapped_ExteriorRight now, the staff members at Trapped! Escape Room are working tirelessly to finish the first half of The Labyrinth so residents throughout the Brunswick and Strongsville areas will be able to give it a try. Though it won’t be set up as a head-to-head challenge for a little while, those looking for fun things to do around the area will still find this experience to be a great group activity for all ages. This indoor maze is only the second room to be built in Trapped’s Middleburg Heights location, so escape room enthusiasts can look forward to many more exciting experiences in the future.

Trapped_GroupThose looking for fun things to do around the Berea, Ohio area are encouraged to try out The Inside Job at Trapped! Escape Room’s Middleburg Heights, Ohio location. This puzzle game has already proven to be a unique and interesting group activity for residents throughout the Brunswick, Ohio and Strongsville, Ohio areas. However, those who are more interested in competing in a head-to-head challenge featuring a complicated indoor maze should like Trapped! Escape Room’s Facebook page to stay up to date on the status of their latest experience.

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