Lot Clearing & Brush Hogging by DeSantis Enterprises of Canton, Ohio Keeps Commercial Property Free & Clear

Maintenance is a must for commercial property. And we’re not just speaking of interior upkeep. Exterior grounds also require attention whether you’re looking to lure new tenants or encourage existing leaseholders to renew. That’s why DeSantis Enterprises is the company that apartment complex managers, strip mall owners, and others with large-scale landscaping needs count on. Based in Canton, Ohio and serving Stark County, Ohio; Summit County, Ohio; and surrounding areas, DeSantis Enterprises has lot clearing, brush hogging, and wholesale mulch services that make spring cleanup easy and affordable!

We’re placing emphasis on spring cleanup merely because of the shriveled brush, dead trees, and dried mulch winter has left behind. You’ve seen it, we’ve seen, and we’re all ready to see it go! But you should know that just as DeSantis Enterprises can wipe away winter and refresh your grounds now, so can its team keep your areas clean and well groomed all year. And their expertise can be applied to high traffic commercial properties as well as large portions of open land.

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