Yoder Geothermal Brings Clean, Money-Saving Geothermal Energy to Tuscarawas and Surrounding Ohio Counties

It seems like the heating and cooling market gets more complicated and confusing every year. If you have gas heat in your Wayne County, Ohio home, what gas company is right for you? You have to shop around incessantly to keep up with the ever fluctuating rates. Electric is no different. Your Holmes County, Ohio bill may keep coming from the same company, but which supplier are you using and are they offering the best price? It’s mind-boggling. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your very own energy source right in your own Coshocton County, Ohio backyard that you could tap into? Well, you do! It’s geothermal energy, and Yoder Geothermal in Tuscarawas County, Ohio wants to help you to make use of it. Continue reading