Belpar Veterinary Clinic in Canton Helps Cat Owners Determine the Cause of Inappropriate Elimination

Belpar_LogoInappropriate elimination in cats – also known as house soiling and FIE—is a problem that many cat owners in the Louisville area and beyond will face at some point during their cat’s life. Unfortunately, knowing what is causing the issue isn’t always easy to determine. In many cases, FIE results in a cat being relinquished because a pet owner loses patience with the problem. Although it may seem that a cat is eliminating outside of their litter box to be spiteful, there are many reasons why a feline could be acting in this way.

Health problems in cats can often lead to inappropriate elimination throughout a home. For example: if a litter box is located down a flight of steps, an older cat that is suffering from arthritis may find travelling to it painful. For this reason, they may seek another location to eliminate that is not appropriate.  To discover what health condition could be causing your cat’s aversion to using their litter box, schedule an appointment for them at Belpar Pet Care Centre in Canton, Ohio.

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