Premier Fitness Source of Atlanta, Georgia Offers Some of the Most Advanced Home Exercise Equipment on the Market

By Gemma Chriss

premier fitness_logo_thinThere are a number of obstacles that one has to overcome in order to reach their fitness goals. While finding the time to exercise can be difficult for those with hectic schedules, it’s finding the motivation that often proves to be the bigger problem. After all, a one hour workout consumes only about 4% of the day!  Regardless of how convenient it may be to have a treadmill or elliptical set up in one’s home, many individuals grow tired of doing the same workout day after day. The staff members at Premier Fitness Source are quick to point out that home exercise equipment isn’t limited to traditional cardio machines. Today’s manufacturers are coming out with products that target different parts of the body, so users are able to challenge themselves each time they work out. Helix Lateral Trainers, Inspire Cardio Striders, 3G Cardio AVT Vibration Plates, and CardioGym CG6s are just some of the highly advanced machines available at each of Premier Fitness Source’s stores in Atlanta, Georgia and Alpharetta, Georgia. Residents throughout Buford, Georgia; Athens, Georgia; and beyond will find that investing in one of these products for home use can significantly increase one’s motivation to complete their daily workout. Continue reading