Carwash Boilers, Inc. is Northeast Ohio’s One-Stop-Shop for High Efficiency Boilers and Floor Heat Systems

Snowfall can pile up profits for car wash operators who are properly prepared for winter—or cause costly headaches for those who are not. Keeping a car wash open throughout the cold winter months, when car owners regularly wash snow-melt salt and chemicals from their cars, requires proper car wash equipment. Otherwise, the water in your Chardon, Ohio or Solon, Ohio facility could freeze, forcing your customers to turn elsewhere. In addition, there is the liability risk associated with slip-and-falls due to icy conditions at a car wash facility. Utilizing high efficiency boilers and radiant heat products during the cold Northeast Ohio winters is a great energy and cost-saving solution. Carwash Boilers specializes in floor heat systems and hot water heaters to keep your facility running efficiently, even during the chilly winter weather.

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