Jay’s Auto Sales Helps First Time Car Buyers in Seville, Ohio, Establish Credit with an Affordable Used Car

By Fiona Vernon

Advances in automotive technology have allowed vehicles to remain functional for over 11 years. That is amazing when compared to the days of trading a car in every three years for the latest model. When drivers from Montrose-Ghent, Ohio, to Seville, Ohio, need a car but either have no credit or bad credit, they will love the no pressure sales philosophy and quick car loan approval at Jay’s Auto Sales. Not only does this local used car lot provide easy car financing on quality pre-owned vehicles, but they also offer car repair and maintenance. This Buy Here Pay Here dealer loves helping first time car buyers establish their credit scores with their online car loan applications. Senior citizens and those in the military will also love the car buying discounts they receive. Everyone from Barberton, Ohio, to Marshallville, Ohio, looking for affordable used cars and trucks can rely on the compassionate staff at Jay’s Auto Sales to get them behind the wheel something amazing with low monthly payments.

Traditionally, people who are just starting out on their own, whether they are moving off to college or just moving to their own place, need a car. How do they do that when they have no credit? How do they establish their credit without buying a car? It can be a vicious loop that seems overwhelming at times. Jay’s Auto Sales helps first time car buyers establish their credit while driving off the lot in a quality pre-owned vehicle with a low monthly payment down to $250. What are some of the best ways for someone to build their credit when they have run into financial troubles or establish credit when they are starting out in life? Making on-time consistent payments is important on an installment loan, as well as obtaining a credit card, whether it is an unsecured or secured one. Opening a bank account also lends to increased credit.

Drivers from Seville to Barberton have trusted this Buy Here Pay Here dealer for over 35 years, because they are treated like family when they walk through the door. Maybe someone starts out by filling out the online car loan application and looks through the inventory on the Jay’s Auto Sales’ website while waiting for quick loan approval. They find the vehicle they like and arrange a time that they can visit to take it for a test drive. People return time and again to this local used car lot when they need an affordable used car or truck because of their no pressure sales. Not only does Jay’s Auto Sales offer easy car financing in addition to senior citizen and military car discounts for drivers from Marshallville to Montrose-Ghent, but they also house an automotive service center that offers comprehensive car repair and maintenance services. They can fix any problem put in front of them, from a major repair to normal wear and tear.

Mornings are becoming cooler, signaling that the coming of Jack Frost is right around the corner. Drivers from Barberton, Ohio, to Montrose-Ghent, Ohio, whose car won’t make it through another harsh winter can visit or call Jay’s Auto Sales for everything they will need, from monthly car payments as low as $250 with quick car loan approval to repair and maintenance. This Buy Here Pay Here dealer not only caters to those who have bad credit, but also to first time buyers that need a car but have no credit. They provide easy car financing and senior and military car discounts on their already affordable used cars and trucks, so there is no reason to go anywhere else. They are not like the other local used car lots. They get to know you and what would best suit your lifestyle so that they can put you behind the wheel of the perfect quality pre-owned vehicle. Drivers from Marshallville, Ohio, to Seville, Ohio, can rely on Jay’s Auto Sales for everything from establishing their credit with an online car loan application to no pressure car sales and repair and everything in between. Call or visit today!

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