Brightside Metal Roofing Helps Cleveland, Ohio, Prepare Their Roofs for Snow & Lower Utility Bills

By Fiona Vernon

The mornings are getting cooler and thoughts are turning toward fall and winter. Homeowners from Dover, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, are accurately concerned about the effects of snow and ice on their roofs as they head into the coldest months of the year. Brightside Metal Roofing and Siding has the metal roofing supplies for every reputable roofing contractor from Lima, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, to help their customers prepare their roofs for snow with roof panels, metal siding and walls, roof trim, and all accessories necessary to complete any sized project. This local metal roof supplier and manufacturer allows contractors to offer the benefits of metal roofing with Valspar Weather XL Coated Steel — including a wind resistant roof that lowers utility bills by increasing a home’s efficiency. Whether a roofer needs pipe boots and vent ridges or 29-gauge steel roof panels, Brightside Metal Roofing has everything they need to get the job done.

Homeowners spend one to four percent of the value of their home on repair and maintenance every year. Think about that! If a home is valued at $150,000, they will spend between $1,500 and $6,000 just to keep their home functioning at its best. Brightside Metal Roofing wants to help roofing contractors save their customers money with the durability of a metal roof that not only comes with a 40-year warranty, but also with the benefits that only metal roofs can provide. Two features that make them reliable for decades are their fire and wind resistance, causing them to withstand winter storms better than traditional asphalt shingle roofs. They are designed to keep the elements business and homeowners from Cleveland to Lima experience from damaging their homes. Metal roofs have been proven to provide much better protection from the effects of ice and snow than many other types of residential roofing. They even absorb the heat from the sun, allowing the precipitation to slide off and not build up.

Many contractors from Youngstown to Dover need a local metal roof manufacturer and supplier because snow fell through a client’s traditional roof and they have convinced the homeowner that a metal roof will increase their home’s energy efficiency and lower their utility bills. Preparing a roof for mounds of snow is easy with the wide selection of metal roofing supplies that can be found at Brightside Metal Roofing — including 29-gauge steel roof panels, trim, metal siding and walls, and Valspar Weather XL Coated Steel. This manufacturer and direct supplier provides a selection of over 16 colors that any contractor would be proud to be able to offer their customers with custom cuts from 6” to 50”. With accessories like pipe boots and vent ridges, there is never reason to go anywhere but Brightside for even the smallest details necessary to complete any job and be confident that the roof installed will offer decades of reliability.

Roofing contractors who are looking for a local metal roofing manufacturer and supplier who ensures that each piece is made to offer durability can rely on Brightside Metal Roofing for 29-gauge, 80 mil coated steel trim, roof panels, siding, walls, and Valspar Weather XL Coated Steel. When they say that they offer metal roofing supplies, they stock not only pipe boots, vent ridges, and butyl tape, but also the most obscure metal roofing accessories to complete every sized project. They have been trusted for years to supply every detail when customers from Lima, Ohio, to Dover, Ohio, want to take advantage of the benefits of metal roofing. Whether it’s the large variety of colors that are available, the wind and fire resistance, or the lower utility bills because it increased the home’s energy efficiency, Brightside Metal Roofing helps homeowners from Youngstown, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, prepare their roofs for snow and do so for decades to come.

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