Copley Feed & Supply: The Fairlawn, Ohio Area’s Source for Animal Feed, Seasonal Flowers and More

Taking care of your animals, garden and pond is a full-time job that requires the very best products on the market. Unfortunately, while big-box stores around the Bath, Ohio and Medina, Ohio areas may offer animal feed and garden supplies, they don’t always have the selection one would hope for. That’s why many Fairlawn, Ohio natives turn to Copley Feed & Supply. This locally-owned establishment carries a wide assortment of nutritional products for various animals, as well as unique bird houses, seasonal flowers, salt, fertilizer, outdoor grills and more! They even welcome Farley’s Fish Farm every six weeks to meet customers’ fish stocking needs.

Founded in 1939, Copley Feed & Supply has been serving the greater Fairlawn area for decades, expanding their inventory in order to better serve their customers. Along with their impressive selection of animal feed from brands such as Purina Mills, Mazuri, Bil Jac, Blue Buffalo Diamond, PMI Exclusive, Sun Seed and more, Copley Feed & Supply offers their services in order to help you design the best feeding program possible for your animals. Doug Sutherland from Kalmbach Feed and Nancy from Copley Feed are available to visit your Bath or Medina residence and personally develop a feeding regimen for your pets or livestock. And if you’re already a Copley Feed customer, you can take advantage of this terrific service at no additional cost!

While Copley Feed & Supply is frequently visited by customers looking for hard-to-find animal feed and wild bird seed, their assortment of products includes much more than just nutritional products for your domesticated and exotic animals. All of your outdoor needs will be met with just one visit to Copley Feed & Supply as they offer both outdoor décor and maintenance supplies. From unique bird houses and seasonal flowers to grass seed and fertilizer, Copley Feed gives you the tools you need to care for your home, farm or stable. No matter what you may need to manage your property, this local establishment is more than qualified to help you find it.

With Copley Feed & Supply’s friendly and knowledgeable staff available on-site, you also have the chance to receive assistance from experts. Regardless of whether you’re on the hunt for a unique bird house, in need of feeding advice or just looking for the right seasonal flowers to plant in your garden, Copley Feed’s associates are the ones to ask. Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, the staff members at Copley Feed go out of their way to make sure that each visitor receives the help they need. In addition to ordering products they don’t have in stock and running great specials, Copley Feed & Supply even invites companies like Farley’s Fish Farm so that customers with ponds don’t have to travel far for fish stocking.

Copley Feed & Supply gives Fairlawn, Ohio area natives the opportunity to check out their inventory before they even set foot in the store. By visiting, you can learn a little more about their selection of animal feed, unique bird houses, seasonal flowers, pond supplies and other products. You can even view their events page to see when Farley’s Fish Farm will be arriving at Copley Feed next in case fish stocking is on your to-do list. If you have any questions, just give this local establishment a call at 330.666.4741 or take the trip from your Medina, Ohio or Bath, Ohio home to Copley Feed & Supply.

Copley Feed & Supply
1468 S Cleveland Massillon Rd
Copley, Ohio
Ph: 330.666.4741