Join Faith Family Fitness Center near Akron, Ohio and Get on the Path to Wellness!

While there may be a number of gyms around the Norton, Ohio and Coventry, Ohio areas, they’re not all equipped to provide members with the one-on-one help they need for weight control and overall wellness. Fortunately for those looking for a more personalized approach to fitness, there’s Faith Family Fitness Center. This health and religious center near Akron, Ohio gives locals the opportunity to receive personal training at no additional charge, as well as the chance to work out in an environment that promotes individual growth—not competition. With a long list of amenities including a ladies only gym, Faith Family Fitness Center is the ideal exercise studio for everyone from office workers to hardcore athletes.

Considered to be the most exclusive fitness facility in the Northeast Ohio region, Faith Family Fitness Center has built up a reputation for helpful service and premium equipment. This Akron area health and religious center provides members with the tools and motivation they need for weight control. With eight rooms filled with both old school and state-of-the-art exercise machines, visitors to Faith Family Fitness Center are given the chance to get on the path to wellness at a pace that works for them. Knowing that each individual’s fitness level differs, the staff members at Faith Family Fitness Center strive to give every member the assistance they need, whether it’s a quick demonstration on a machine or a personal training session.

Included in each membership package at Faith Family Fitness Center is 100% free fitness coaching. Visitors throughout the Norton and Coventry areas are given the option to receive personal training from one of the experienced and certified trainers on Faith Family Fitness Center’s team. By taking advantage of this convenient service, you’ll be able to work on your strength, flexibility and endurance in a private setting with guidance from a professional coach. Used by both beginners and fitness buffs, this service allows members to work out independently.

In addition to their personal training, Faith Family Fitness Center also allows female members to exercise in the comfort of their ladies only gym. With sole access to this room, women are able to use a wide range of equipment for weight control and wellness improvement away from their male counterparts. As many studios don’t have such an option available, this local health and religious center is frequently praised for being so accommodating.

The staff at Faith Family Fitness Center is dedicated to helping each member achieve their wellness goals, whatever they may be. So, if you’re interested in joining a gym for weight control or athletic training, you’ll appreciate what this Akron, Ohio area health and religious center has to offer. To learn more about the personal training offered at Faith Family Fitness Center, their ladies only gym or any of the other amenities available, visit or call 330.475.0121. You can also take the trip from your Coventry, Ohio or Norton, Ohio home to Faith Family Fitness Center in order to take a tour of the facility.

Faith Family Fitness Center
185 3rd St NW
Barberton, Ohio
Ph: 330.475.0121