Anyone in Atlanta, Georgia, Can Visit Premier Fitness Source for Home Exercise Machines to Prevent Weight Gain

By Fiona Vernon

Children wake up with energy and are always on the move. Adults throughout the world can often be heard saying how much they wish they had even half of that energy so that they can accomplish so much more and not feel tired all the time. Many individuals from Hilton Head, South Carolina, to Atlanta, Georgia, gain an average of one to two pounds each year as they age, starting in their 20s. There are many factors that contribute to this circumstance, from hormonal changes and loss of muscle mass to unhealthy habits. There may be biological reasons behind the weight gain, but that doesn’t mean that it is inevitable. Anyone from Savannah, Georgia, to Alpharetta, Georgia, can prevent this gradual weight gain by forming healthy habits that battle against the influences keeping the United States one of the most overweight countries in the world. Premier Fitness Source may not be able to follow people around and smack their hands when they eat unhealthy foods, but they can help prevent muscle loss with strength training machines and weights and increase their calorie burning activity with home exercise machines. If someone is new to working out at home, this fitness equipment store can listen and counsel them on how to pick the right machine for their goals — including affordable treadmills, stationary bikes, stair climbers, adaptive motion trainers, and so many more options. Premier Fitness Source can find the machine that will fit anyone’s budget and lifestyle requirements, while meeting their cardio and strength training needs.

One of the reasons that individuals from Hilton Head to Savannah gain weight is the fact that people lose muscle as they age. A change in metabolism and body composition is a natural part of the aging process, yet it is so gradual that it tends to sneak up on many. Before they know it, they are 20 pounds overweight without having changed anything in their eating patterns. Muscle cells of a 40-year-old don’t repair themselves like they did when that person was 20, and since muscle works more effectively than fat, with its reduction comes a reduced metabolism. Not only do people start gaining one to two pounds each year, they also start to lose about six to eight percent of their muscle mass every 10 years. The best way to prevent muscle loss is with the utilization of strength training machines and weights several times a week.  Premier Fitness Source offers a vast array of home exercise machine options that anyone can test in their stores to make sure that they pick the right one for their comfort level. Since muscle burns calories faster and more efficiently than fat cells, increasing muscle mass will increase one’s metabolism.

Whether someone lacked the formation of healthy habits in their youth, or they are now trying to prevent weight gain before it happens, it’s never too late to increase one’s activity. In order to do so, people do not need to train for a marathon or become a body builder, they only need to increase their cardio and strength training activities. Premier Fitness Source can help those in Atlanta and beyond who notice a thickening around their waist with their affordable traditional machines, like treadmills, stationary bikes, rowers, and stair climbers, that offer a great way to burn extra calories. This fitness equipment store also has more modern home exercise machines that not only provide cardio exercises, but also build muscles, like lateral and adaptive motion trainers. Premier Fitness Source not only helps someone decide what best fits their goals, but they also deliver, install, maintain, and repair fitness equipment.

People gaining weight as they age does not have to be an inevitable occurrence. They can take measures to prevent weight gain and muscle loss by creating healthy habits. Premier Fitness Source has four locations from Atlanta, Georgia, to, Savannah, Georgia, that anyone can visit to try a wide selection of home exercise machines while determining which ones are best suited to their goals. They can increase their activity on an affordable treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, adaptive motion trainer, or strength training machine. This fitness equipment store also carries accessories, like weights and flooring, as well as fully backing their machines with delivery, installation, and repair services. Anyone from Hilton Head, South Carolina, to Alpharetta, Georgia, looking for home exercise machines can find high-quality, affordable products and a staff with extensive knowledge at Premier Fitness Source.

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