Industries in Stark County, Ohio, Can Count on Gauer Rental for Their Construction Equipment Rentals

By Fiona Vernon

For anyone to acquire the competitive edge in their industry, they need to determine where they may or may not be wasting money. Streamlining the costs in a business are essential to growth and can be the difference between struggling to mature and thriving smoothly. Gauer Rental has been serving Medina County, Ohio; Stark County, Ohio; and beyond for over 68 years and can help guide any business through the information available on equipment rental versus buying it so that they are managing their finances efficiently. Many industries, from landscaping to recycling, can benefit from renting for a vast array of reasons. This local rental equipment company between Alliance, Ohio, and Canton, Ohio, carries a wide selection that will fit a vast array of needs, including excavator, backhoe loader, skid steer loader, bulldozer, and construction equipment rentals. Whether an agriculture business only uses a particular piece of equipment only once a year or a mining company wants to take a certain generator on a trial run that they are contemplating purchasing, anyone from Kent, Ohio, and all Portage County, Ohio, can call or visit Gauer Rental to take advantage of the extensive knowledge and personalized service that is hard for national companies to provide.

Every business has equipment that is essential to its existence, from backhoe loaders for a road crew or construction company to generators for the mining or manufacturing industry. No matter the size of any company from Kent to Canton, rarely can one afford to have a piece of equipment just sitting around waiting to be used, making it necessary to analyze each piece’s intended use and how frequently it will be necessary. Many industries from Medina County to Portage County can be comfortable relying on the statistic that if they will utilize a piece of equipment more than 60 to 70%, then it would behoove them to consider purchasing it. Gauer Rental carries an impressive inventory of equipment for rent and for purchase, depending on what each customer ascertains its needs to be.

Equipment from Gauer Rental can benefit both small and large companies in Alliance and beyond by allowing them to bid on jobs with specialty equipment, add to a fleet when required, and allowing the testing of a piece of equipment that may decide to purchase. One of the reasons to rent construction equipment is that it can save money, since a company may only find it necessary to rent an excavator for a special task. Another reason is if they need a skid steer loader to fill-in a temporary production increase or a bulldozer rental to help meet deadlines, it eliminates the need for maintenance and service if one were to own it themselves. A few of the benefits of renting include not having to come up with a large upfront investment and less expense in the long-run in maintenance, repair, storage, and transportation. Renting can benefit a business at tax time, make it easier to borrow from banks, comply with local standards without worry, and always have access to the most modern machinery. This local rental equipment company built their business on the love of sitting with clients in Stark County and beyond, listening to their specific needs, and providing the equipment suitable for their needs.

Every business throughout Portage County, Ohio, and Medina County, Ohio, appreciates personalized service from a company that wants to understand how to satisfy their demands, as well as possessing extensive knowledge from decades of experience. Gauer Rental offers a wide selection of equipment rentals that will suit the needs of many industries, from earth moving to logging. A home builder in Stark County, Ohio, can call for construction equipment and an excavator rental for a special project, while a waste company in Canton, Ohio, can call for a skid steer loader or bulldozer rental to meet a specific deadline. From generators to backhoe loaders, this local rental equipment company provides comprehensive products and personal service to any industry from Alliance, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio. Anyone can benefit their bottom-line by calling Gauer Rental.

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