Individuals from Toledo, Ohio, Will Love the Free Shipping on the New Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea from Ohio Tea Company

By Fiona Vernon

With coffee receiving all the attention of mainstream media, tea always seems to take the back burner; however, it is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water. Over 75% of people drink black tea on a regular basis, whether in iced or hot form. It is a segment that continues to grow due to its versatility. It can be iced at home or purchased ready-to-drink, it comes in loose-leaf and bagged, it is offered in different flavor profiles, and presents a variety of health benefits. Tea requires a very specific environment for optimal growth, from altitude to moisture levels, so it is only harvested from certain parts of the world. The practice of drinking tea is over 5,000 years old, after a tea leaf blew into a Chinese Emperor’s pot of boiling water, and has also been a part of politics between countries, such as its involvement in the Boston Tea Party. It will continue to grow in popularity with the creativity in the production of specialty teas, as is exemplified by the fact that 87% of Millennials drink tea. The best place for anyone to try new teas and flavor profiles is at a tea company that will take the time to provide samples and consult with them about what products may fit into their lifestyle. Ohio Tea Company is the perfect place for anyone from Cleveland, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, to sample new fall teas, like hot cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and masala chai teas. Not only does this local tea company offer loose-leaf teas in their extensive collection, but they offer free shipping on tea from Toledo, Ohio, to Hermitage, Pennsylvania, and beyond through their comprehensive website. Everyone who is a tea lover seems to also have a penchant for tea accessories, and Ohio Tea Company carries a large variety of teacups, programmable and ceramic tea pots, and more to satisfy any teetotaler’s desires. People everywhere will love what they have found in the world-class products and knowledge in Ohio Tea Company.

With a chill entering the air as summer gives way to autumn in Cleveland, many people tend to drink more hot beverages. Waking up in the morning to a loose-leaf tea may be the perfect start to any day. When walking through the doors of Ohio Tea Company, individuals will automatically feel welcome, whether they are looking for their favorite black tea or wanting to try new fall teas. The owner will take the time to listen to what someone’s flavor preferences are and how they will be using the tea to proffer knowledgeable suggestions as to what will best suit their lifestyle. If they are using it to fall asleep, he may suggest Extra Sleep Bear Chamomile Tea. For a variety of health benefits, he may suggest Green Matcha Tea, which contains seven times more antioxidants than orange juice and 20 grams of calcium; additionally, this local tea company carries some of the best Japanese Green Tea in the country. Teetotalers from Toledo to Hermitage and beyond can visit Ohio Tea Company’s website to take advantage of the free shipping on their vast array of tea, as well as discover the history and qualities of each variety.

If someone in and around Fairlawn consumes more tea in the winter and is looking to increase their knowledge of specialty teas, Ohio Tea Company, prepares samples of their fall teas so that customers can make an educated decision. The owner states that the hot cinnamon spice tea is his current favorite, a blend that brews very sweet, although it contains no sugar. It is a perfect balance of a hearty Chinese and Indian black tea with three types of energizing cinnamon. Another great selection for cooler weather is the pumpkin spice tea, a medium black tea that is a reminder of nostalgic memories around a fireplace. It can also be mixed with the Masala Spice Mix to create a unique Pumpkin Chai Blend. An amazing fall tea that produces a warm, soothing effect is Masala Chai Tea — a black tea with organic ginger root, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and black pepper. Tea lovers tend to collect tea accessories, and Ohio Tea Company carries anything from teacups and infusers to canisters and programmable tea pots. It is quite a comforting feeling to wrap a tea cozy around a ceramic tea pot to steep one’s new loose-leaf teas. Ohio Tea Company is always adding products to their website, so if an individual is searching for something specific, a quick call will let anyone know if it is something that they already have in stock.

Tea is refreshing and tastes fantastic, while being extremely versatile in its ability to be served hot or cold in varying flavors and strengths. With such a huge part of the world’s population consuming billions of gallons of tea each year, more and more people are also looking to try new teas. Anyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, can visit Ohio Tea Company to consult with the owner and sample their loose-leaf teas when deciding which teas may fit one’s lifestyle and preferences. If someone is searching for new fall black teas, they may want to try the distinct, tantalizing flavors of the hot cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and masala chai teas. Anyone from Toledo, Ohio, to Hermitage, Pennsylvania, and beyond can take advantage of this local tea company’s free shipping on tea if they prefer to order online! They have an impressive selection of tea accessories, from programmable and ceramic tea pots to beautiful teacups. Novice individuals, as well as dedicated tea drinkers, can visit Ohio Tea Company for the highest quality of teas and to be treated like family. It is a guarantee that teetotalers will be invigorated by the experience!

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