Families in Akron, Ohio, Can Call Fraley Memory Productions for Affordable Christmas Card Pictures

By Fiona Vernon

It takes many people most of their lifetime to learn how to cherish and appreciate every moment. Children live according to the pleasure principle; however, as they grow, they discover that happiness is intermixed with boredom and even pain occasionally. The positive part of their growing experiences is that, with insightfulness, they realize that treasuring cheerful memories is something that can keep people at peace through each moment throughout their lives. Many songs have been written about photographs helping people retain joyful memories, and entire industries have been created around keeping memories alive, such as scrapbooking. Holidays provoke feelings of nostalgia and the longing for people to be with whom they love. Individuals from Barberton, Ohio, to Hartville, Ohio, who have the entire family coming home for the holidays can call Fraley Memory Productions for outdoor and indoor holiday pictures. Additionally, families from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, looking for affordable family portraits can call and schedule a seasonal photo session for pictures to send on their Christmas cards. Fraley Memory Productions believes that memories should be attainable and not just a luxury, so people who are trying to keep their expenses down while buying Christmas presents will be happy with the affordability and the exquisite results from this local photography studio.

Having children is one the greatest joys in life to those who have had them, so mothers are most commonly the ones taking frequent pictures of their children as they grow and experience new things. The first year usually includes pictures at three-months, six-months, nine-months, twelve-months, first tooth, first Easter, first Christmas, first steps…well, everyone gets the idea of the regularity at which new parents might record memories. With so many people saving money by taking their own frequent pictures, why not take the money saved and call Fraley Memory Productions for an affordable family portrait this holiday season. This local photography studio offers seasonal photo sessions for both indoor and outdoor holiday pictures. Some of their favorite outdoor locations include:

  • Lock 3 Downtown Akron Area
  • Quail Hollow State Park
  • Firestone Metro Park
  • Springfield Lake
  • Downtown Hartville

Perhaps a couple from Barberton was recently married and wants Christmas card pictures to share memories of their first year together, or maybe this is the first holiday in quite a while that an older couple’s kids will all be together and they are not entirely sure when it might happen again. Regardless of the reason behind preserving moments for antiquity’s sake, Fraley Memory Productions will capture the sparkle in someone’s eyes, a baby’s laughter, or that instant when a man looks at his partner in a loving way. Anyone from Fairlawn and beyond who decides to call this local photography studio will love what they have captured so much that they will return repeatedly over the years for every special moment that needs recorded. Whether the occasion was a wedding, graduation, holiday, or bar mitzvah, many families have gotten to know Ashley and Craig on a first name basis as they return year after year, and it’s just as rewarding for Fraley Memory Productions to watch children grow and be involved as people go through important moments in their lives.

Little compares to the beauty of a happy family from Fairlawn, Ohio, sitting in front of their Christmas tree with the lights twinkling in their eyes, or siblings from Hartville, Ohio, laughing and playing in the snow captured for Christmas card pictures. Anyone can call Fraley Memory Productions to schedule a seasonal photo session for indoor or outdoor holiday pictures if they are wanting to capture the happiness and joy surrounding people enjoying each other’s company. Some individuals from Akron, Ohio, to Barberton, Ohio, may be concerned with the expense of calling a local photography studio with the money they are already spending on presents, decorating, and entertainment; however, they can let Fraley Memory Productions take that stress away with their affordable family portraits. They want capturing memories to be affordable for the average household with results that every family will love and treasure.

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