Industries in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Can Rely on Berran Industrial Group, Inc. for Custom Laser Marking Machines

By Fiona Vernon

The use of laser marking has increased significantly over the past couple of decades from Sacramento, California, to Boston, Massachusetts, because of the fact that it can be used for labeling a variety of mediums. Its versatility allows it to be an effective tool throughout a vast array of industries. Whether a medical device company requires long-lasting identification marks that can withstand frequent sterilization, a foodservice manufacturer needs a custom robotic machine for automated cargo management, or an automotive parts manufacturer requiring automated leak testing, laser marking and data acquisition, finding a company to design a custom laser marking machine will be the solution. Berran Industrial Group, Inc. knows a company isn’t just looking for the laser, but for an experienced business that will understand their needs and create a special custom machine that will solve their process problems. Berran engineers have been building special machinery for multiple industries for over 35 years. The engineers at this laser marker integrator will work closely with any client from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, listen to the details of their individual situation, then design and manufacture a custom industrial laser marker that will fulfill their exact specifications. They have designed automated laser marker special machinery for a wide variety of industries so they know the importance of meeting deadlines and can offer the knowledge and experience of zero tolerance in quality demands. Berran Industrial Group’s high-quality custom machines and customer service make them the preferred company for every industry’s demands.

There is no limit to what Berran Industrial Group, Inc. can achieve when any customer from Charlotte to Sacramento approaches them. As a solution provider, they evaluate a client’s special custom machine requirements, define their objective, and design a custom laser marking machine that will accomplish the desired results within the necessary parameters. Their customer service is second to none, with their engineers working directly with the customer even after the sale. For diagnostics assistance and support, they can connect online directly with the machine to quickly solve any issue. Perhaps a foodservice company in Boston has grown significantly and is analyzing methods to make their process more effective. It takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to load pallets of product onto a 53-foot trailer with a forklift; however, by contacting Berran for a custom-designed automated cargo management system, they can cut that process to about three minutes. OSHA asserts that roughly 85 fatalities and over 34,000 serious injuries occur annually involving forklifts, so not only does a robotic machine, or automated stretch wrapper save the warehouse time and money with its improved efficiency, but it also increases safety.

In the medical industry, a device’s labeling is extremely important for classification, safe installation, usage, storage, servicing, and maintenance of the appliance. It ensures the safety and effectiveness of any device, so there are rigorous specifications for the special machinery utilized for medical device identification. Berran Industrial Group, Inc. is no stranger to the demands set forth by the multiple industries that it has been involved with as a laser marker integrator. Perhaps an auto parts manufacturer in Pittsburgh is looking to increase their productivity, Berran will sit with them and determine what automated special machinery in their assembly line would be most effective to meet their goals. Maybe its automated leak testing that will satisfy their requirements of cost, test method, degree of automation, and machine flexibility, or perhaps automated data acquisition with its fast, flexible, and adaptable software would suit them best. Berran can provide all the necessary tools to acquire data from all hardware equipment, from voltage and temperature to light intensity and amperage. The impressive variety of custom industrial laser markers that they have designed allows them to assemble every valuable piece of knowledge and apply it to any industry’s requests.

Businesses from Boston, Massachusetts, to Sacramento, California, can rely on the extensive knowledge that Berran Industrial Group, Inc. has acquired in their designing of special custom machines for an extensive compilation of industrial applications — including medical device identification, automated cargo management, leak testing, and data acquisition. From automated special machinery using robotics to custom industrial laser marking machines, this laser marker integrator gets to know each customer so that they can meet the exact specifications for that unique situation. Anyone from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Charlotte, North Carolina, can let Berran Industrial Group, Inc. take their stress and provide them with integrated solutions that will grow their business.

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